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London Fletcher hoping to return, Tarik El-Bashir reports



CSN Washington dot com yeah. We are now joined on the phone -- Redskins insider for CSN Washington dot com Tariq Al Bashir chart we know London Fletcher played through pain last season. So what -- reasonable expectations for him after surgery at this point in his career. Well you know you could be 38 a couple of -- but I thought he would still impact player down the stretch last season. I'd finished with a team high 139 tackles and a career best. But interceptions. And a lot of literally the only period that -- -- turned around by the deep inside getting that ankle and elbow. Repaired right now it should help -- return. Fully healthy. I can't predict these and and and start -- at inside linebacker but you know it's important to note that. You know right now directed to what we have the heir apparent that it can replace London Fletcher. It'd be grueling Keenan Robinson but I you know Putin went down with a pectoral injury late in the season but he missed a lot of -- So I could put her back into doubled thirteen to help them bridge the gap to that next player going to be. You attended this year's NFL scouting come -- How does like to return affect the Redskins approached the upcoming draft. Well it certainly means that they built at the bit let it be first overall draft -- greeted their third round pick on a linebacker. It means that they can use those those type pick. To address the real concern which -- safety and cornerback. And what is that I was out there in Indianapolis and talking to a lot of talent about your readers out there in a big interest -- very deep draft for defensive backs. -- the Redskins to quietly they should be able to find -- -- eagle make an immediate impact for the next -- I Redskins insider for CSN Washington dot com tar heel this year. -- things very much. CSN Washington dot com.



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