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  5. Dave Matthews18:33
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CSN Washington dot -- I'm Jason often on the lord -- I lost thousands of facilities doctor. I'm trying to make it back to force it's. -- once got knocked out. -- with the law school of thought -- did an outstanding job. I'm John -- I'm more along the way we all. Her career and now but it junk and even after all these years he's only to. Guess as fortunate this -- Everybody talks and frequent. DC -- Always hard rock donated more room Bears to our table at the palm restaurant. This is boxed up and. Yeah -- the only time. This is probably only time will ever be with the -- Yeah hesitant in it and that. -- -- not exempt from offend you like rock star that you sat. Else when he drops them -- -- gotten the most downer of rock star ever you're gonna clog out rock star I feel like if I was in a room right now with them -- right I would -- -- on the -- surprised when he and then I didn't have a do you think you mean they can with a softly down here will all be weary head right out when you sell out Madison Square Garden twice. Sosa's stats -- rock star. Is that is that highlight. The first thing and I remember walking in and you go through this this different entrance. And person that was working that entrance had been there for. Years and years decades. And was critical because he gave me kind of a quick. You know you're here to play for showed us let me tell you what was happening so you know Elvis came into this. Injury -- here for. And it starts to really sink in but they'll let showtime and showtime you go up there and you got it you've got to give that I get in a 100% I'm aware that I gotta say. Here's later sinking in more. When I talk about it. Get a better experience than we did because I've been in Madison Square Garden wants for the grammys years ago and I literally sat. In the last straw my head was basically getting his ceiling and you're there obviously you're must be amazed if you win one grammys because I went. -- I went to the grammys at Madison -- -- on the -- OK okay so I was I didn't win. And -- the last throw my car that -- really not a lot of sitting in the 300 right. My -- my wife and my girlfriend at the time we got so for a minute talks on she had already had. From jest but super from Jets. And week is -- grammys I think no you know like it's completely that would take pictures. Flowers the whole time we get there and people -- birdies in my section. And I'm not nominated Graham I have nothing to do it this I'm just kind of sitting there and and I'll never forget because at least it would never dress -- this -- again for the grammys. Case took -- piano as a kid JP took -- -- Ferrer -- his car into it and I took the piano and it's -- -- everything but. You guys I'm I can only play with music. I'm sheets I'm sure you've got up there and -- -- one time -- song for eight minutes the next night you played for twenty yes. How how does that work how do you improvising go with that. -- knowing you're doing a segment and it and it's really going well in the off for us on this day and all for you kind of know when the other guy has done talking and is his work. We wanna continue -- when you're gonna see the same goes a little long now sometimes you don't segment when. You boys that really make much sense he's not feeling great. You gonna cut it the short time is the same thing you know when you're out -- and more often than not. You're just. Don't apply like all of the wrong and I don't care what I've learned that -- just keep the thing I am going yeah. Ideas yeah. Just making it all -- -- a lot of lately are they always make you know it means I truly believe this aren't. Your job you got to work hard at what you mean to be able to play the guitar and sing the same time -- Rondo -- -- amazing that hill and auto I don't know enlightened mark. I've I've -- -- but I truly believe you're just you're blessed. One team in the past. And start you lose some plays and we have exactly but I think that many minutes you -- -- -- for eleven minutes. But I'm not -- to join me eleven minutes. Adding yeah and every experience he has when everybody was in the next level mentally. Now back to TB. Yeah. It's -- like he's actually happen. You know realizing what it any thought that and I don't know but you you're you're basically yeah for. You're free stuff -- idea here's the biggest thing. You try to stuff in front of a lot of people you're gonna bombs inside yeah. And yourself on a family practice -- Adelaide drinkers -- even the people of long what you're doing. You're gonna bombs from -- and what it would have really. Someone I can't forget who -- said listen they're doing and getting really good stuff. Is if you just try anything. Don't be afraid I I don't really care. Anymore so he has some bats and them because they may come to a show and see me going and I feel good in my neighborhood. And this dude is good news you know -- They might catch me on an off night and think nice things that's. And I'm just willing to go for it CA and other small stuff for the -- for you stick Mike out the crowd -- all things -- saying -- or say I'm always work as a four letter F for her I think that. -- went all out as fast and definitely you must feel like it. Past the hey go crazy. Yeah go ahead of you wanted for -- who doesn't wanna be a rock star but I think we have pretty cold -- area that's fun. Great job like. Your job the best staff ever I got the best I've ever. I would trade my job in two seconds of -- right to be broken in just gonna have a feeling on the onstage at the crowd. But not only singing -- song and this is kind of a trademark of these guys is. Before they're even at this stage. Ha -- All he hard to tell us and I thought I'm yeah I had about it. When he gets really that you can start hearing it through your in your minors. You get -- I mean you feel like your boxer. And you're ready to go in in and you know fight who is that that we did an intro for basically what does deals where you know you're the hat -- -- sat. Jacket and you gotta go out and heritage and getting a big mistake and -- is. And then there's nothing -- yeah I don't wanna be associated behind all of this and I are not a lot of people stand as rob -- So we come out. We do out there -- with -- and take on the might hammered hampered -- -- stupid and then that was like it probably can't win them. All. I'm -- I remember the drummer for that long hair and he was peeking through the curtains and you can basically what. Had -- that's the feeling yeah. But I don't go yeah. Yeah yeah I'm sorry bill and yeah you're up. -- I was on stage in Los Angeles in. We're on and crafts. And -- we only had 35 minutes to play middle today same situation. However. We start to get -- And it's really if this and I. They're doing the things would start doing this smooth Powell all the crowd and all of that all travelers are doing this pats got -- Cyrus I don't personally know it is the worst feeling ever however and got two points you know let. I can do that gets me organs or. Yes it -- and gentlemen. We have exactly -- eleven minutes and I'll play I always planes at the last possible so I don't care -- my job like this. -- -- about eleven minutes. You -- booming for eleven minutes. But I'm not leaving. Thomas stay here for eleven minutes to join me eleven minutes and we will get how adding -- Will be you'll never even if he's going to hold you never even hear us he hasn't -- everybody you again. For the next eleven minutes has been friends. And it turned around and I didn't want him over it was like to -- played poker for eleven minutes. And got the hell out of there. Coming up on TV we'll just go back today. Feel my love -- I. We're just off the steal my level I was about a -- has become a. And his team. It used to hit hammered before concerts ever look at and dirt and and -- -- out there -- jazzed about. Yeah did you ever have like one like low point really you know yeah. There's been a few times where you find yourself dancing inappropriately. Inappropriately in a sense of like I'm not a dancer right. So wins people you know after the show like he. You really. Really dancing. They're not critiquing every last movie doing onstage and I get -- that you gotta get over that because I got to see you know you're passing opportunities -- -- -- -- critiquing yourself what I'm trying to say is that. I enjoy injuring for sure. I have a little cup and it's whiskey in the right but if you go to the second cup. That's from start to get where you at home is where you kind of let you start salivating. I think this is gonna be rough with you say you've been hammered you know -- definitely enjoy it must the years and them. Everything I wanted to do. As far as experimenting and doing fun stuff I did so when you're on stage in your babbling your that it's it's in Bears -- I don't want them the ever. Remembered as the guy who fell over them on speaker because hammered. Rather go to show feel pretty good to a great show and that's when -- do you watch your shows. On you never want ever post both performs. Now I can't even watch a band play on TV because I'm a woman who do show. So on Toro -- stuff but never never off thanks to answer now. When you talk Buckeyes had fallen all the way we wanted to show after it's done by I don't know I thought I don't watch line. And and you never. And -- don't talk about. The high of performing I can't imagine being better than that aren't even a high finish rest and I had sleet there's something like when you walk off that stage. Go back. Quiet stand in your bus you sit -- That's also very. Beautiful moment you know where that's maybe -- -- you know is that aftermath. Then that night every teller played the garden. That same night I would go back home more dogs. And there was something really got absolutely want to don't you just sort of garment that's that's the thing you know trying to get to do that is -- I don't come down the moment right aside I don't like that someone else I don't think that final enjoyment that is Nixon in the injuring increased bounces and some crazy that I. I don't know I don't know rock stuff. -- I'll let let but the joy is like. When that went off fades. You know you can think about that one moment that was pretty special profile lawyers -- conference when he plus more years pouring somewhat been safe when the other neck and blasted it over there in intercom you know you made it that -- I cannot last and dock there at the blasting away our -- -- like that type across or these guys and how that's also often as I have adamantly. Remember being at hand and literally getting into an elevator. Later in the game and my songs and -- and Zach. That song and I had to -- The Muzak version of the hate I hate it should change -- -- you think. No you know what I know I don't because it takes so long for its trickled down that it's not like -- just get a check. And seed over I think I think change when you when you get checked when you know this is nice and about the only thought that's elevator music and what's happened here so -- VP creativity come in in terms of the music because there's always some -- spread. So how that's that's look at thirteen as I know that's a -- I get into the mind know what they do is categorize them solved. -- -- -- In the years. So you know the same chords and the courts are crazy and spoke at the same as the woman you guys. This game is to me a million hits songs -- GA minor very similar. This and scores the melody changes. So when -- ready humility and if I was gonna say you know. Those. Cards in those poker and I feel that's kind of like only a crack. But within that structure I'm able to just kind of I really have in the believer in going forward I don't think. What was your song he wrote so back to that -- and I feel my love really. All the way terrible out of Ohio. Yeah so it's not a Canada's you deal led by Richard Lewis. Steal my level I was is about a girl I'm sure happy Thomas I. I -- on Sunday. But I had no idea I -- and I remember he had a piano because moms you know he's got to be America's like he goes and produce all. -- like this save court over and over in the -- -- like records they're so again and again literally in reality Italy earlier -- -- -- away stealing my Lavoy stealing my life. Isn't -- is pretty simple they made agreement out of it and it is four of us started a man when we're eleven years old when you start try to start one. I don't know started 32 but yeah. It was our opponents are eleven to write songs that when we started this team we could do what you are gifted that you never know you know -- Other way to say that we tried to started man man and they are ugly and Jason Donald ours isn't -- because I know I could keep doing what he's from. Here is our bases. Did you fat and I think here so Byrd stadium at the base is the main guy yeah of course things yeah yeah yeah tonight. He's sold on base like that -- is a -- I don't know cars that are donated. Is it -- -- us up and he ends that can handle it he was way ahead of the game was already in his drug to sell the instrument in. I don't know I'm in the end I'm on Harrell is not allowed. Know last drawing is solid is telling myself and it has an advantage down in the midseason now you know you're like. There's trees that this guy and he had a base -- He's from really standing. You know you mentioned like 456. Guys you know in your hand and the couple please don't -- It's like group dynamics. You know we I think we have a similar about we've been together a similar amount of time was actually. And I'm always amazed on around you guys I think it's your general vibe -- you guys all get along and truly seemed all but we get along at times but. Like I tackle -- relax. Yes -- and I don't all all all it's not all the time. But it generally doesn't always generally pretty seemed to be a lot of real bickering and I'm sure I'm moments but I. Think it's basically. A lot like you guys mean imagine if you saw him walking down the road doing some funky being being a little bit primadonna superstar right. You might not say anything right away but eventually -- just put it's how many could order and you start your own home and start giving and -- -- just blow off that run okay well so we -- respect you know you got -- and that's something countless gonna respect you because you're playing him and me. They -- respect because they basically. Treat me right now -- treat them right. Practice -- practice. That's that's pretty much did when someone steps out of line -- that -- -- -- like you do with your Brothers and is that you do about tackling had to have back a conversation in jeopardy. Not a good thing is you guys have slowed. Now you're actually slowly but surely get better just added to it by the way your -- to get smaller yes -- and I would limit the 01. -- there it goes tomorrow it's -- these are -- no. -- -- The parts of my de Niro left and now we are thinking like who gonna get rid of. Timonen if you lost it was morning how do you get about. That's buddy nervous. Obviously yeah yeah I think you'll wanna -- on an area IP he's not illegal my business. Now back -- team. You worry that your priority. As an artist will change because of your priorities at home. Over that over the next five years to worry about that thumb that's very good question I don't. I don't worry about it because of them and this or why. Someone asks a friend of -- Boomer Esiason said before you started work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So but anyway my -- squirrels at I write or say yeah. What is was like before he started in team and maintenance -- five years before his career and he was starting to prepare this -- I took that -- advice of saying you know what enjoy the moment you're in right this time and act as if it's never gonna happen again. Rock star is came in and just tend to be who -- Always got your vote. So I -- it looked like we look at yourself right now. You got a good. Yeah yeah okay I'm rather. Things. You got -- and you -- in Iraq and yeah. And ethic that. Now you have Iraq's armament on your phone -- like. It was legit. Rock star -- Lenny Kravitz job -- John Barrett much beyond that nobody -- hey you know he does his thing and I -- known -- Dave Matthews. Now might even go through some things like that Boomer Esiason there's guys you know ran. You know they drop and now we got -- -- and I'm not all on your I mean it's just like I. Yeah I said better yeah. What about what about like -- like you're married and that's all and right yeah that's awesome it's all I gotta be -- me. I'm not going to temptation I'm -- it is a month. It always is but when you -- out of their like celebrities it's that you want me. -- I don't and that might be but you're like oh my god you're starving you like -- -- you know. Not I -- -- not only because of and I'm too. The people that I really don't have to admire you really want to meaning now that I'm too nervous to. Approach but it's a part of 30 my god this is a -- -- -- -- once -- my dog -- She passed away. Like Kate Upton or something with that wrought -- -- I probably know how. -- Making it was neutered okay what advantages are I'm -- -- the young artist and a but if you call a time. No I'd like for me if I saw -- -- -- like oh my god it's time difference right next thing I always good but yeah I and you wanna go out speeds what the goal it. -- -- We were nominated for anyone's. Which is what is Washington area music says -- we wouldn't let -- -- Donahue who I believe that was steadily and we thought. -- never hit a Jim Leyland was asked if we win the I don't know Olivier yeah -- his opponent on a golf course if you hit a par five in regulation that you -- in your degree in your class a win at the wins. We know we have a lot of overhead living in New York City yeah -- Not -- on red rocks on red rocks talk about that now who that was put that together sure I mean I remember showed up that they that we were filming the red rocks thing -- -- of what's today. And the -- -- just nervous you find that -- how do you if you lost it was morning how do you get him back. That's a buddy nervous. Jason yeah. I mean you'll wanna Florida's own an area. -- are not -- madness -- it. I basically only get nervous when you start to lose the voice during the day. To spend a lot of time you got to do a lot of like physical activity to get your voice going got a good push you -- Bryant got it you've got to get your body if you sit there and relax. Your muscles that. That's okay workout. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah our yeah it is a lot of intensity that it works yeah. Often draw the inherent right and is there any opportunities. That's and I think if -- -- -- listening music when I'm seeing that only work out why I guess I heard his own story one time. Problem whereas before there said they go and play the holes that -- together. The -- would do. Calisthenics and push ups and he swore by it. And you know you you as a kid you think it's cool stories coming into whatever he does you know spoke explicitly democratic and push them you know he'd be -- yes I do all that. And and then my doctor kind of said you know listen to some people take -- before shows that it's the worst thing. Getting don't next time on the show we just ask you for an arm but -- QBs so I would out of the out there that. Yeah yeah it is jockeys let him go arm -- ago. I think guys closed before and you don't really know what success. We're going into. Play it way too long night during every song after -- before every. And this. Plus I'm. Morgan then it does look like turn you off the head at all not that many people there today. We are now 19100 yeah. CSN Washington dot com.