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  1. Rafael Soriano4:14
  2. Dan Haren4:47
  3. Jayson Werth4:38
  4. World Series1:59
  5. Davey Johnson5:15
  6. Denard Span4:12, 4:28
  7. Kurt Suzuki2:22
  8. Michael Morse4:22
  9. bench coach1:08
  10. pitching staff2:51
Thu, 7 Mar 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back CSN Washington dot com and -- baseball chases with Mark -- about -- ready to answer some reader questions here. Thanks again for their questions of course. The first one is from Michelle pass mark wants to know. Is Tyler Moore definitely on the bench this year and not at AAA. And is there anyone in camp who could force an issue. Well -- and -- question because he does have options. And some guys always have so. If you wanna keep as much depth that's possible sometimes a guy who might be better than somebody else ends up. Getting the short. The element of going Tripoli start the season. I don't think that happens in this case number one because of what each of them last year. Has been really first island and good here as young as he wasn't experience was. He's got that experience I am now. Number -- they're really look at him as that keen right handed bat off the bench coach at places on the top left handed. Off the bench out of worth it either being right handed pitcher so for somebody else take over that. They're gonna be right handed and they're gonna be -- need to be able to play kind of the same positions -- first base. But more importantly outfield corners. I would say like Chris Marrero is a guy who has looked -- this very. Then who knows where its future with the organization is that kind of the same skill set but probably ever to play the outfield. So I think that would prevent him one other guy Carlos Rivero who is out of options. He's a -- most of last year he's third baseman. Academy in the outfield on the front Burnett. Again. I think you really have to blow their socks off and in that moment in there and take the chance of losing him because. At some point USA or point I'm disguises -- Tina wants to win the World Series more almost certainly is going to be one point five games and checks when. As it's almost like before Moore came along Guerrero was that guy Tripoli -- that's the next guy up perhaps for first base. But of course injuries happen and more just came up and prove that he can do as -- as -- that. A second question is from that's not wants to know about the catcher position. Asked does Kurt Suzuki start opening day even if Wilson Ramos hits all of his recovery milestones by them. I think the answer is yes even -- Ramos has made some great strides and start catching games again. Its first game DH and clubbed a double off a while I would at home run most places because of the batter's eyes Satterfield. They're gonna take this thing slow and long term they do you Ramos as a number one guy. But Suzuki really proved himself in the last season he's really like body pitching staff coaching staff. And not wanting to put that kind of pressure on -- right off the bat he'll catch a couple times a week. Start here slowly build up to me now we're sharing 5050 and then. We'll see whoever's playing best is gonna get -- I think people in the organization believe that Ramos has higher ceiling. -- Suzuki ultimately -- can get better all around player but at this point yet to really good catchers. No reason to rush for one got back from an ACL injury you don't have to I do think Suzuki is the guy who. And it's though saying you know it's a good problem to have but not only they have to -- -- that catchers who can start the two pitchers who can start for a good team that proves exactly. Their questions from you hate to K. Question is last year one of the topics of spring training with how early everyone showed up and how close nit they where do you get the same vibe this year. Yeah you know -- -- it was definitely a sign. Good indication last year what this team could be in that they've got along really well tell it a lot earlier reporters. This year is similar maybe not quite as many guys showing up as early but that's partly because they super long spring training longest on record. As far as anyone knows so top of the position players didn't feel like he had to be there you know we can split. Most it was there but I think what impressed me was the new guys who came here and Denard Span Dan Herron Rafael Soriano. You always worry about bringing new personalities and how would that affect the clubhouse dynamic and they lost a really popular player in Michael Morse. When -- trade to Seattle. How would that dynamic play out well Denard Span from game one -- been really impressed with how he's just integrate himself right into. The club -- really popular guy. Spends a lot of time. Talking shop with Jayson Werth breaks harper has been in his knows about positioning in the field. You really wanna get through it one cohesive unit there so I was impressed that Dan Haren has taken on. A leadership role in the rotation gets along well Strasburg Zimmermann wired you. He fit in right way so we're I was a little quieter. We haven't seen as much of him he's got -- definitely causes obesity issue but. I think commands a lot of respect. And I think he's the kind of guys like drew story Clifford can look up to this situation -- how you approach this. So I -- a very good five it's a very loose campus and very upbeat camp Davey Johnson sets the tone in an eighteen game season and it's going to be good. Good god in his club yes exactly he treats my professionalism to go do your work doesn't work too hard. You know workouts -- an hour and a half hour 45 -- and -- too strenuous. You never know does winning breed chemistry that chemistry create winning I don't know which it is but this team definitely appears to have good chemistry. CSN Washington dot com.

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