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Young Nats enter 2013 with playoff experience under belt



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Fri, 8 Mar 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Jayson Werth knows the highs and lows of October baseball and he says the -- game five loss to the Cardinals was the worst he's ever been apart. But -- believes his team will learn from that difficult experience. We've got a lot of young talented guys you know. Probably never been through Rivers do it. So the sense it's probably good. -- you know you'd rather have to go there -- Worth more than many of his inexperienced teammates about the pressure they would encounter from Jayson says that it's it's going to be totally different hemisphere and am thinking myself. It's a real and LA and then you get out there in the in the crowds. Waving those towels around and then you know they're they're stand on their feet pretty much the whole game -- any kind of stand out there and -- blouses crosses left bass player. It's definitely something different than you know just finishing up the season official season playing meaningful games and you know something that we all wanted to do wanted to experience and I think we had and we enjoyed it and embraced it I also think we learned a lot you know for the season hopefully in the future. Once you get into the playoffs with the experience we have an especially our. The outcome of -- -- tell everybody you're going home. Learn more from your failures -- you're gonna learn from your successes because when you're when you're on you're just going out there and sometimes you don't know what she did. But when you have a bad -- you gotta figure out what it is and and got to learn how that doesn't happen again. You know we understand that feeling of you know that feeling that you get and you know in playoffs you know -- being a little fast Syria -- Warner is more anxious stuff like that and I think being in that situation I'm not saying we're not going to be nervous or anxious but. You know having gone through that once I think it'll be a little bit better. In the air Florida with the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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