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Redskins Nation: Fletcher doing well after surgery



CSN Washington dot com. Okay what you think that's for sure number 59 is -- see it all the best to London Fletcher we heard that he had this ankle surgery. Earlier this week and but. Says who wants to be at the top of his game does that mean we don't have the final story here. I don't think we have the files -- just yet I mean this was the first step to him finding out whether he can still play at a high level. I don't think he would have had the ankle surgery or scheduled the elbow surgery if he didn't have a a serious feeling that maybe he wants to come back forced sixteen season. But you know we're still several months away he's probably gonna miss two months while -- get that go -- while he gets healthy. I thought he played very well down the stretch. So you know if he's able to come back and play at the level he was able to play it without practicing my. All with the ankle sprained right if he's able to play at that level I think you'll come back which will help the Redskins bridge the gap to wherever is gonna succeed him so yeah very important. I'm -- point yesterday I mean if you word to -- but who would you replace that's another position of need all of the sudden to have them back which are open. Absolutely I mean I think. Keenan Robinson as the guys they're grooming but of course he's coming off that Brian Iraq like torn pectoral muscle now so are you -- you've lost a lot of playing time down the stretch so you kind of had a setback with him. You know and I know Lorenzo Alexander was was technically. The backup for Fletcher right what we don't know -- -- with him so you're right I mean that would by the Redskins the whole another year to figure out who is going to be that inside linebacker. On that defensive you know captain kind of you know the heart of -- defense going forward. CSN Washington dot com.



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