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Buck and Phil on the Wizards' loss to Brooklyn



CSN Washington dot com. -- the gentleman that called the game Steve backhand and -- near hey guys bird but but it harris' -- actually for a lot of game it just the -- -- Vs Deron Williams they just couldn't stop the stat. Well the good news is that Joseph Johnson only had six points and -- cut the puck popped up a terribly much better at 42. But. And he could not be stopped from the moment he took his first shot. All the way through the end he had eleven of sixteen from long range we came into this game shooting 48% over the last farm report breaks. Watch the film pulls out all the more aggressively -- Rip seven for seven. -- -- went on available. Points actually is 34 in the want to. So it was one of those nights. As a defensive team you try not to let your opponent given and that kind of rhythm pheasant shooters -- have -- those have a nice. At 33 points in the first half equaling his season high for the year of 33 -- got it and one half and finished with 42 and one away from matching the all time record for threes made in the game Kobe Bryant. Had Donyell Marshall with twelve. Charlotte Bobcats in town tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. A team that's beaten Washington twice you don't like that there's enough playing very well right now you've figured this is you gotta have this is. Yeah well I mean who was have had this bad situation of teams under 500 their four and seven over the last the month of may have. They've got to come in with a focus with a sense of urgency and determination to get that win. Well John Wall had a good game tonight but certainly not enough again the Wizards played without Bradley deal we'll see what his status is for tomorrow night. 9578. A seventy point met's win from start to finish as the Wizards fall to nineteen and 41 on the year. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Donyell Marshall1:22
  2. Deron Williams0:10
  3. Kobe Bryant1:21
  4. John Wall1:47
  5. Joseph Johnson0:14
  6. Wizards1:50, 1:59
  7. Bobcats1:24
  8. Washington0:00, 1:28, 2:04
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