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Steve Oleksy notches his first NHL goal vs. the Rangers


  1. Giants0:37
  2. Washington1:00

Sun, 10 Mar 2013|



Csnwashington.com. -- And overtime. -- But I want everybody -- Of these Giants and the but it doesn't -- It's simple shots alone exceed. It legislative back of the -- not just it's redirected past Marty groove. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Mon, 11 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Joining me now and talk college basketball is the former Maryland head coach in terms legendary coach could here on your career. What's about Georgetown and win or lose in the big east tournament are they and number one seed in the big dance. They have to be number one seed because the big east is second best conference in the country looks like Indiana's got their wrapped up the number one seed out of the Big Ten. out of the big east that has to be Georgetown and the NCAA doesn't always look at conference tournaments is is a way to get. Much higher if she were number one seed so I think you're really good shape radio right now. Along those same lines as a competitor he obviously wanna in the regular season you won the conference tournament but if your position like Georgetown is. Is it not necessarily into the world if you losing you have that extra rest before the big dance. It's not bad at all in 2002 we won one then we lost one so we gave us like two extra days to rest before the NCAA tournament started and we knew we were the number one seed that year. So what happens in that situation no this year. You're sure channel last year you know with a big east the way it is for me you know. Spent a great league and everything it's a chance to win regular season and win the conference tournament so it's going to be hard for Georgetown to pull back at all plus. Feel really wanna fullback you could use your bench we can do a lot of things that you want your players to play just as hard as they ever do because one bad happens to creep in. Georgetown is playing at a great level right now. The big thing is to keep that level going as you go to the NCAA tournament. If you're in a position where you play three games in three days how difficult is that. That's hard to you did beat you up you're you're you're hurt that day after. It it takes it a whole day even know these young guys and they should be able to do it it takes awhile to recover and the big thing is mentally. That's a tough deal that we drains you mentally to play three games in three days it'll be good teams that Georgetown will play against in the big east tournament. So you don't wanna do you don't nationally one that because he might have Huard ever the next week so you were as much time off as possible. We don't want your team who knows that you want to have a lot of time off. That's the head Coach Gary Williams talking Georgetown basketball. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Markel Starks: "It's a brand new season"

    Mon, 11 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Mark tell tell me coming off such a huge dominating win over Syracuse how does that put you in position kind of momentum does that give as he had a big east. This this is enjoyable but at the same time you also have to realize Edison new season as soon. Some brand new season. You know four phases and in the season you have the out of conference through the regular season and conference. Big east tournament in the big dance. But honestly. You know the has. If it's mentioned before but at the same time you're supposed to rely. Seeking teams jokes and am gonna target. Head coach said he's been seeing balanced effort from you guys all season long but we're seeing more and more towards the end of the season that Syracuse game we four guys in double figures. is doing his job on the boards and assess how do you like how this team is playing together right now. Well I think we've been playing together throughout the year hasn't early on just some rough patches and I think everybody wanted to finish product. Won two games and You know obviously. We had a brand new team lost 30 since players we did a good job of being patient. And have Russian too much home and once you know once we found their rhythm I think. We've done an outstanding job of keeping that together. We've been talking about the phases of the season obviously the next phase is a big east tournament and we've seen in the past teams like Connecticut. Run the table of big east and then run the table in the big dance how important is this phase. Boom and did you known history. Just for starters and home with about this but is very important. Like there were times where it's hard teams are gonna come over to Russia. I was just. Not a matter of how we can about how to channel and we go right back at the. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. RGIII recovering well, looks to be ahead of schedule

    Mon, 11 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Robert is doing well he's against some great working here. working out a couple times today about six hours a day 67 hours. He's ahead of schedule. According to Larry The muscles are stronger than anticipated. He's doing everything he can be ready for you this season. Is gonna be ready I have no idea I'm sure keep my fingers crossed and has anything to do it. He probably well but I'll be able to anymore but July. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Shanahan: Hall took news of release gracefully

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    CSN Washington dot com. When you have to kill somebody. You're not going to be in your football actual special when your plan. Was it take care of the guys that took care you they deal. That he was. Quite gracious and understood exactly the pollution here. He probably in detail more than I thought he would but actually talking about. A week ago and talked to representatives. He could possibly come depending on what the final situation was soldier type of things that really bother you you're adulterers man. Our players for just we will adjust. There's full speed ahead. CSN Washington dot com.