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With Hall already gone, is Moss next out the door?



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Mon, 11 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- we start additional hall -- the Redskins plan on replacing him. You know I'm the fortunate thing for the Redskins is which at 51 overall pick this is a very deep draft when it comes defensive backs so may feel perhaps they can use one of their good in their second of their third round pick. To go out and get a player who is ready to step right in. Over the weekend a number of players are defensive backs around the league were also released just like. And maybe that he'll be able to go out and sign one of those guys the problem is when asked Mike CNN how much money they have under the cap right now -- feel free agency begins tomorrow at 4 PM. Is it only about a million dollars -- next -- releasing. 24 hours to clear some more space. Adam Carriker will stay with the Burgundy and gold but what about Santana Moss forty hearing about him. Well we'll -- -- Shanahan about Moss specifically earlier today he said he has not approached about restructuring but he wouldn't rule out restructuring. Moss or other players in an effort to get under the cap because like I said. When you're only a million dollars under the cap and get 24 hours into free agency opens if you wanna deal to go out and get a free safety or get a quarterback. Or get a tight ends of perhaps replace Fred Davis you've got to have at least. You know 567 million dollars under the cap and you know -- right now with two cent million dollars state they can even sign their draft picks coming up next month. A Redskins insider target this year -- for Redskins park -- I think you. CSN Washington dot com.

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