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Turgeon: 'We're actually further along than I anticipated'



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Tue, 12 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And I came here to build a great program and where were taken steps towards that were much. Actually five further along than -- stated that after being on the job for a few days. And I don't wanna finish strong you know we really want that when Virginia won a quality road when we came up a little bit short. So wanna finish strong you know we we -- -- team that is going to be inspired play against as we've beaten them twice. You know and then and then select you have to win now and go from there we just we wanna finish strong we wanna play well we've Celek we've played well. Against Virginia and down from becoming a tougher team physically and mentally in and so we're heading in the right direction. -- always when -- keep getting better were double in the program and -- better team over last year. You know maybe last game or two we didn't expect to lose this year but we've we're getting better we play well Virginia just came up short one possession short one stop short. There -- so we -- you better get our confidence going into the ACC tournament and whatever post season play after that. Hard to really semester after receiving game obviously there raise this point you have a seventeen point lead you lose we played so well is that hard to get that message across than that it was a positive experience mostly. Well. Kids are resilient. That was the worst I've seen our guys hurt. After game so we didn't somewhere early in the year we lose it was like brushing your teeth or taken a shower it was a common thing self. They're investing a lot more into our program and the young guys are starting to grow up so. They're resilient we took Monday off what we should bounce back have deposits -- sessions and good practices and -- gives you stuff for a post season term -- you shouldn't be playing basketball. CSN Washington dot com yeah.