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Moss takes a pay cut to stay; Hall must be replaced



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Tue, 12 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Santana restructuring this deal for a team that's eighteen million dollars in the hole caused that penalty helps them how it's huge because if you factor in. And cutting DeAngelo Hall yesterday and restructuring Adam Carriker yesterday. With Bob Moss restructured now there about three million dollar on the cap they're still we still a lot of work to do. If they wanna be able to go shopping in free -- three million dollars is not a whole lot of money. But you know they're making some headway there I would say -- looked out for more restructures and maybe a surprise cutter to the next few days and then cutting DeAngelo Hall yesterday because they -- dollar savings clearly the secondary was already thin when. Out of the mix. Priority number one not only in free agency but in draft is -- your second they're absolutely first supposedly. Free safety but now it's -- quarterback -- you're losing a leader back there used to losing a playmaker. You know the idea -- certainly had his ups and downs in the 2012 -- But you can't let a guy like that walk outdoors outdoors get the signing of veteran free agency the place and can't rely on. A draft pick to go back there when -- hot wheels feel off back to Santana Moss now he's the longest tenured member of the -- joined team back in 2005. He's working his way up the record books as we take a look at his numbers he sits fourth all time in receptions and receiving yards seventh all times and receiving touchdowns. He caught eight touchdowns last season that has the most. Since 2005. CSN Washington dot com.

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