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Georgetown coach John Thompson III reacts to winning Big East coach of the year



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Tue, 12 Mar 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. It earlier in the -- having a significant of course it -- that -- significant. There's been in the boat because. Pops the first big east coaster year and then we could you know I don't know won the last and so that's that's what makes the I don't special but I'll look at this more -- of the -- more than we are -- visual. Change a lot of what Strickland Darryl to do a lot of things differently. That was a very resilient group that they're never they're always repeat and so there believe me. Your team has been so consistent down the stretch and is certainly a position to earn a number one seed in the big dance. What is your biggest challenge in trying to maintain that level of consistency as you head into the conference tournament. Well I think the great -- we've -- -- -- and not think ghost achieving. Nothing the big picture you know right now we historical barriers workable both. And that are in front of the stuff and so it -- in the doing everything are pretty they're built the -- for the winner of our game won't photo filled floor figuring hold. -- and we'll go from there. Otto Porter the big east player of the year. He's done a great job of dominating when he needs to but also play a more balanced game when it's warranted. What what sort of an up and auto the third period Bobo forward -- them on your -- circuited in order toward the proto. But here's someone that goes about it there's there's only thinking about -- and we were entering. And that single point the government starts is do I think what individual. Accolades and then everything he goes from very warm. There's the Colts closed when the experience -- -- that ability to take over there where is your show they're literally born. But it also could overbearing because rebuilding the defense also -- original -- post player. That's the big east coach of the year John Thompson the third coach best of luck this week we certainly appreciate your time record. CSN Washington dot com.

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