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Table Manners: John Riggins talks about his time with the Redskins and Joe Gibbs



CSN Washington dot com. Why everybody. It just seems like you've never seen them before table matter. If you have a passion for football or did you just because you're -- -- -- -- and really can do love to visit. A lot that you don't sit out freer it's well exactly I mean there's remembers. Football's kind of masochistic and -- and it's -- in the way the business plan. Eventually people runs furniture and hit one. Logically when you think it hurt a little bit now on a regular basis. Especially back then so I mean yeah in the fact that it didn't hurt me that much. Okay I can do this but if it wouldn't. Without -- mask what the Bruins where you better -- unbelievable player growing up and that. I never thought they are now we'll say that I've never seen and they had a horrible -- over impressed me. But they did other people's I was just. When I watched clips of news I was like -- it was -- how much he was to me like Earl Campbell. Like knocking guys over me inside when John had a lot of wiggle to and I like to run outside. And circle a defense because -- it. That dinner with a -- of blue you're good you're healthy and that ain't either but that's even more tenacious -- the outside stuff. When did you realize Joseph Gibbs -- specials are like one specific moment that you knew this is a guy who's gonna win winds of animals. -- He'll definitely. Coach faces a lot lately is good in light of did you like gives. Gerald Jones find him into what I say we got alarmingly never -- -- pro -- go. -- I had my Clippers ahead on -- and Joseph view of them yeah. Bradley goes ajar and all of them he was bogeys on this course I was. John Smith and that's over our hands yeah are you on this story the love story between upon -- and John Smith when I really didn't. I was you know I'm good history class do not only did we spend less. CSN Washington dot com.



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