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May: It wasn't the effort, it was Carolina's gameplan



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Tue, 12 Mar 2013|


CSN Washington dot com but it would Alan may you know Nicholas backs -- talked about it he said it was embarrassing tonight said. Tonight for sixty minutes -- just terrible. Effort from us it's harsh you agree that. Well it's good the players think that you know what the Carolina Hurricanes X acute of their game plan to a -- And they took away all -- movement also be for Washington Capitals they stifled them all game long. It's not so much that the capitals and there wasn't the effort is just that they couldn't get anything going because after they scored that first goal of the game. The canes got -- all the lanes they played their game plan as though they were at home. To a tee and and it's just miserable its host so hard to play it's a lot like in 95 when the New Jersey Devils introduced a trap to the NHL. It team didn't know what hit them and it just so stifling hard to play -- so upset after the game it. You could accomplish anything no matter how hard your work. That the Carolina Hurricanes were everywhere and all time just getting in the way the caps had some chances but you know what. By and large they really didn't weren't able to get the wheels going tonight chances though came early and if they -- -- converted. Maybe it's a different game while then they get a play their game they get impose their will on the fairway hurt me and this chance right off the that was in this republic tied for Rivera of great pass. Across your confidence you'll Hudson definitely want to have that one back again get -- kicked out on the ice. And slam dunk that in. Here sticker on the front and effort to rebound another great chance that you know it was good to see that back Johansson back kind of gave -- -- our roster trying to get pep -- to -- Tries to go five hole I can't quite get it. Kill a penalty shouldn't suffer and that -- back and here. Couple bats that that we don't what you -- you've got to really -- these chances down low you've got to get ever won their little bit sooner and that's what you're gonna see the next game in the capital we're gonna have to get players to the net. A lot more urgency a lot more conviction that got to battle harder in front of the net and of course you always want to score first we can play more of your game. Justin Peters. His second career shut out both coming against the capitals meanwhile Brady -- and so -- during a stretch really for the caps on the fact throughout they're playing much better over the last couple weeks. But back to back games now a couple of questionable goals this player very good game by a large but I'll tell you -- the first goal. Is the killer and a player is very hard to win a game after a lot of popcorn. And out on the other day you know the teams see the Tampa Bay Lightning do this every single game. Hey you're just trying to put it off he's got to get back self he is aware that he's got to make changes in his game getting back for part of the course here. I think the shoulder got to be -- I'm not a golfer approach I don't know what they. -- what they wanted to do here but I'm old school I think the goal is gonna -- or you don't like you get behind and all of a sudden you are playing under real. And the first came to play a lot of confidence because. It's something like seventy plus percent of the time when you score first you're gonna win a game. And the Hurricanes in first place in the Southeast Division in the capitals -- here we go again another -- all the start of the game. And the kings are magnificent all game long you can't take anything away from that I'm not a goalie coach -- -- half a jockey -- he doesn't need to square and -- is not. Sound -- Delonte what are your shoulders talked under the crossbar -- are you to spaced apart quite a hit in a fall behind the goal line and you have to fight and then make another stop. Not only to out live to fight another day on Thursday as the bounce back this past Carolina pay big money your mind dinner next sentence. CSN Washington dot com.

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