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  1. Super Bowl4:18
  2. John Smith9:43, 9:49
  3. Cris Carter11:26
  4. Mexican Riviera7:38
  5. Crazy Horse26:49
  6. Earl Campbell8:53
  7. tremendous athlete28:32
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  9. tank top15:00
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CSN Washington dot com updates and often it's. I'm trying to make it back to. -- walk -- and thought I was. I'm John little. I'm going along well. For all these years. -- fortunate this -- Decent run. The palm restaurant. Seventeen years and Washington DC is first out of a job on the show defensively that. All right I'm John why -- dominance on before -- broke -- last year if you. You know -- -- -- listen you guys from time to time and I thought you -- going to -- Well a lot yeah absolutely surprised to see that if you must be larger. You're gonna continue to and is in very good for you this -- lottery you. Part of our mind when private thoughts on -- -- -- seriously I. West winner I would driving back from Kansas for the whole time you turn the radio all of -- -- do a lot and that's. I'm alone myself I -- I didn't personally I think that people waste a lot of time and their cars that temperature goes out of his. If anybody takes my advice but let's face it you just pondered life -- you've been here I want to. Did exactly that I'm still working on I'm never driven in Kansas but I've got I think that's the great plains right to be your job you're actually doing -- yeah. More flat and boring I -- -- off the road that's like now well -- and liquor OK okay. When you were state champion. In the hundredth in high school -- so my question is. Did the black kids have a separate and. Unless you're in Europe or was among the fastest guys in the state there was a kid was. There's an imported military household and I was running him educated realism. In the preliminaries and won my -- -- -- were running out and about sixty yards and a blocked them ahead of everybody include the black -- I am aggressive and I lose I feel something coming up on my right and I wore this and then there had been a minute before. And it was household or their -- I got nothing you can. I'm done. He used by his right that is at the engines as -- hello this -- I gonna win this race and you know our last -- -- -- -- division yeah I come to win I don't like second or third place but wow I don't -- people back in Kansas in the late fifties early sixties. There were maybe three kinds. But kids growing up. You know you had degrees there it was always tinkering with his car and this you know the flat top defenders were black project it's not a outside or something -- -- once again jock. Certain kind of seasons and then. You have to keep her -- They're all. Yeah so I was Smart. He did you heard -- Norwood my dad allowed me that we had drama club although I think I'll go. I know I know. John Riggins and -- and there's no way I was gonna you know black sweater jacket because I always wanted one and so I had to do the other things and I was -- -- We're going to. You lose those marriages that are pretty early exit golfer are you mentioned your that a lot was he an intimidating guy -- -- DVDs. Now no one -- and it was just like you know -- he was a ruling the roost and you're just trying to make sure he was happy he. You guys have voters like that. We're -- just world plus easy out. A bunch of wimps. Well I admire you there. I think life is good. Myself everybody always talks about probably the biggest in your career can you take this back to Super Bowl seventeen. Ten minutes ago -- on the 43 yard line. Fourth and one. Did you get nervous like when they called time -- are you there -- you know you're taking your -- -- has -- to -- -- -- inclined to get nervous on the field did you at all. Are those are out of breath. And and donors and a problem. Four out of five when -- learned on the sidelines so they were down for the time you guys we don't fourth time. -- zero I don't -- I thought I saw this huge -- and Omaha. -- a bit confused on Kansas I'm still in Holland thought to during the Joba. Joan would get the better. I thought -- bring -- -- You're up from. So you're down four at the time of their runs correct. At what point did you realize oh my god that's an iconic moment that's going to be poster -- that's going to be in everybody's then. You know for the next whatever from lives game where. You know I think there was guys in the pros -- By knocking guys don't. I like to run. It's a little better because -- -- a dinner with a lead to good experience good year -- and that ain't either but that's even more tenacious in the outside. It's infrequent those can help lower monthly heating bills this -- to increase dot com for details table manners is brought you in part by the DC lottery. Lots of people win. -- -- -- -- First yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And. -- -- -- -- -- You get a million skill. Even today in -- our cars are great. Our reputation as a leading Infiniti. Baltimore and for. The large number of Jim Coleman. I just think my cousins where I was my. JX 35 record for them -- did you -- -- than any -- the those visit Jim goal in the infinity doesn't come. Coming up plenty of b.'s business plan a great receiver runs created -- that -- -- -- mistaken I -- a little bit. On a regular basis it gets more. More than just breaking. -- it CSN Washington dot com they just inside the story to bring you more information and inside access. We -- the story. Get it all preseason Washington dot com. But he's aspects served up by the DC lottery. Somebody we've got a break -- the show doesn't go DC louder this season. You know we've got some great new games sold train where you went up to 50000 dollars and accrues to the Mexican Riviera. And we got our -- play games we can win up to 25000. Dollars or even more weathered DC progressive jackpot. Visit DC lottery dot com for more and likeness on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter. Now back to team. If you have a passion for football or did. Just because you're -- Blatter. There really can -- love to visit. Your loved that you don't sit out -- it's well exactly I mean I remember. Football's kind of masochistic and it and it's one million this way the business plan. Eventually people runs Brady showed that when. Logically when you think -- -- a little bit yeah. -- regular basis especially back then so I mean yeah and the fact that it didn't hurt me that much. Okay I can do this but it wouldn't. I don't know the -- -- the Bruins -- a lot of -- -- unbelievable player growing up and that. I never thought they are now we'll say that I've never seen anything -- -- Vogel who were impressed me. But it did other people's that was just. When I watched clips that news I was like -- how much he was to me like Earl Campbell. Like knocking guys over me -- -- John had a lot of wiggle -- and I like to run outside insert. The defense because -- it. That dinner them unless they're a good year hell yeah that ain't either but that's even more tenacious outside stuff. When did you realize you look at the specials are like one specific moment that you knew this is a guy who's gonna win -- -- animals. And -- you have wouldn't. Faces a lot like when you look like I've did you like give us your. Joes fine don't mean what I say we go army -- -- -- probably go. I had my Clippers ahead on -- and Joseph view of them yeah. They've played well the John Alden he -- focus on this course I was. John Smith and that's so hard and yeah are you on this story the love story between Oklahoma and John Smith when I really didn't. You are not good history class bill -- everybody's been less if you compare with your speed and your strengths of the time. And your style who would you compare to well. -- thought about that sort of thing about -- for -- it has -- their -- Just very -- good injured today when you play human payment was there a rivalry there like were you jealous that he was the number one guy you know none at all. Because you understood me values and all the guys I mean it was amazing what people how they reacted to joke name that I was very fortunate. Through all this because everything was always a learning experience as our driver to them or you wanted because I think about things I've done that I had to -- my teacher. And you know you look back on that when you -- in new York and it does seem really an in apex. Male or Wednesday. Alpha male at a very high into the food chain in the sporting world and you know what can you what's not to like about that you get to see that but you also have the same time realize. Perhaps you have the same town to get to that level so it's a learning process I mean I got a hold of long sports than the average guy that. The look comes from actually having been on the inside and then has them on the higher levels than him in the game of football in the NFL. I don't -- personally I don't understand team. Our team records -- individual records and if you look at 9800 yards. You would have been all I. So probably don't know about. I didn't set out to get all of it simply is no big deal because Cris Carter. He's not a big deal because it yeah on the one hand you are you also understand -- a lot of guys that are in there that. Couldn't should could and should just as easily be that it may not ever get there. So you know here we are and I'm appreciative of the fact that they're the same time it I don't think it would've. Then changed my life profoundly Illinois they give me a million bucks when Owens yeah -- which would've. Then it's more appreciative INS and asked you look at but I think yeah. -- behavior yelling yeah. I appreciate about the. Start taking music team it's easy to fix my friend got dismal past problem and my alarm is not working and -- on -- five star techniques. He's an easy thing we've got us not just. Anyone can be a spot start technician call -- make him for good crop nightcap dot com. I'm Ryan's error when it comes your home you can play hardball or softball softball a big ball you're utilities cash flying I girl windows every summer. Harbaugh did top sinkers windows and they keep the heat out -- -- -- -- passionate. Greeted the home team. Building their windows right here and their own local factor going with -- anyone else are you serious there. Calling 77 window one now for the biggest window -- of the year. Do that I didn't trust your own the top -- coming up plenty of. Better to get hammered -- -- -- -- around and I are friends basically I couldn't talk his game. But the beavers -- -- This -- -- now. -- he's done done. Here now. The opportunity when it comes to you fast slow -- in the back. And sports business government. Seems turning challenges and opportunities into this game isn't. Directly breaking the show here what makes -- -- -- -- -- different with a hometown team when it comes to replacement windows and doors. With a resident experts not only do we have a window factory here. We know how to install the product for our climate because we grew up here we know the building because we know the conditions we know a lot of designed the product properly and we guarantee at all for life. Don't jockeys didn't trust your homes tossing creek Thompson creek windows can help lower monthly heating bills -- -- Thompson creek dot com for more details. Now back to table. You could have gotten because I don't think is wrong -- you don't strike me as a guy -- is late in the weight normal time. Definitely -- it. Right as anybody would at least they are looking to remodel it and he's done or did -- board. Rent my eating at a time -- -- OK don't do this so that's -- life. And our visit if you watch clips of Jon in high school like runs and 900 meters or whenever. Looks like a linebacker modern day linebacker and where it did you feel like. When did you. Appreciate your body to go to the beach in -- You know where tank top. All the yeah animals that in the work and more often. We congratulate Heisman winner money do you think have the very first or second epic I went there I don't want to let my illusion is covered in that part of it kind of when did people go to the beach in -- Coming out of our did you pick our case what is and isn't military's. -- and rather than -- has been for the big east nobody on so you think everyone's a little country goes potions anything between. And and national pastime of -- -- where did you vacation. From Minnesota where Ramon growth removed aren't they want to. -- -- And you walk around town in your tank tops on your guns -- anything to -- it really gave ourselves. Have no chance for me and him in there and I don't. Know enough about that time sooners and Tigers yeah. None of us are hunters when did you start that is that just part of life that you remember the first time around that's. Well. I remember the first time that he and I went -- ourselves and our friend basically and couldn't -- your game. Outfielders on the Oilers but yeah that was the first tunnel and out and then you know subsequently home with relatives and Dan -- present. When I grew up ozolinsh and his duck -- yeah. Funny I never -- I -- -- -- when I grew but I just didn't really. I now do an -- -- -- shows -- on the range I -- garnering sportsmanship angles very -- and thirty and we do a little bit on hunting and we do a little bit of cooking so when you killed learns. Would you do it when -- student for me is not about the killing of the game and I'm not a guy that really counts for the horns which is. But bring home put on the table is -- what we're doing here. Is that instead haven't crab cakes and stake and what have you. And knowing that might be Felger could be Angelo maybe -- and that's really for me honey. Is a social event that you go out. And it's almost like Guillen Al. It's like playing football -- so many things that would be great that's one thing I like about football. Was basically an integral to locker room you -- kid forever because there was so much stuff going on that. Good humored you never there was so much humor and are -- a lot of guys in there and it it was just fun to be there. Under retell stories and the best part was you know after the game talking about what happened to debriefing during the game and that's the same thing -- -- After the hunt is about to debrief. And all the stories could go along with it. Holdren DuPont or practice two days and Carlo training camp. Well. It's tough on Saturdays ago. Understand the debriefing the boys that's all right -- -- like that -- that is a lot of interest in just didn't love football. I'm like I don't know just -- -- -- bit pain -- -- that in mind and not something that -- when you were drafted were you happy. Well I thought. And you're asking me to do it for now open but I understand that we're getting them I think they're guys that would. Practice in integrated. When you gain so -- -- it for the money. Good morning -- doing it. Would you wanna -- and when Jason. Of course not. Well yeah I might do something else to love don't want to give an honor for him through his career. -- the -- to the medal. Obviously yeah. Houston and Austin missed it and a great honors before us and -- Hi I'm John answer this -- because I don't understand hunting so let's just say. There's some fielder I don't know they lend themselves up men however what would you hunt this is legal hunting go out there and hung diss or whatever analogy guys on. How do you all night shooting each other how we had a lot of shooting themselves. Honestly because one group goes out and they're doing their thing and another group presumably comes -- not I don't DR Campbell or like orange so nobody shoots you we have I. So yeah also because they're shooting and other. And how does occasionally but like I have little tricks that. In your room that don't like -- your partners are Casey junior partners -- -- to each other but that doesn't throw my change much easier and TV and -- Alexander why would you should a person you're not on the hunt for people are you wearing antlers like you're going I think it is -- easy and some of them. Before. Couple Americans of course there's running incidents and believe what -- accidents I have no idea no. They are bully who cares most it's maybe. If I were talking the other night -- a certain inside of the -- I don't know forest barber yeah that I don't. It's lower than them earlier gun pointed and reported -- that -- didn't complain to shoot. Right pretty much rural major earlier period in the -- manner and that's kind of the way and always be sure your target is pretty simple stuff was okay if you're hunting -- 500 yards and -- are you in -- -- going to be fired had to -- if you don't have anything it's that important yeah. Obviously you have your brother. I just showed how little I knew in the same place and I figured this women and those same plays in the hole. Well -- I would say no you're right about the way it was we've got to hope that in Laguna there's been just take mountain waves of day through said. That's not good and bad guys and didn't know. -- -- -- Beating Kansas -- ruled to be to get vidro to ground there -- American power is -- yeah. That's not now realise who is never can protect. And -- it out. If you drove in Kansas those is -- -- now that it. That would take a little lower scoring at 40440. -- -- -- goes straight through -- a little bit bigger than -- from here in the -- -- -- -- -- Good job on. -- airlines I've never shot an unbelievable record brilliantly. -- -- The DC lottery greens you done so three scratch here. Good win 50000 dollars against this -- The second chance throwing review -- don't know and a trip for him to the 2013 yeah. Soul train award -- performances from some of those great hope for a star. So yeah proves it's going to be that it is terrific seed. During stretcher bolted from the beat anybody where -- lots of people. Coming to. You don't have them also we've we've done commercials where the -- wouldn't actor's reps these signals don't -- is a big deal. I'm -- is there. When it comes to your home you can play hardball herself. Softball a big ball your utilities -- spiral windows every summer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Greeted the home team building their windows right here in their own local factor. This -- there calling 77 window one now for the biggest window sale of the year. Do what I did trust your own the top -- Now back to -- I keep your house when I know you played him well did you look at my life. When she decorated. Not exactly but it somehow she insists on I got an MVP award for the Jets and and they -- do it goes for most. Right football trophy block -- -- in the MVP trophy. That's on the man Favre -- to -- Romero fireplace. But I will say now that I got one I don't need both and the only one where western had -- so it makes a good Eric. -- -- -- -- -- I'm acting how to hit and that would move him that well I. Look at my career -- Amendola of an entertainment people -- -- and -- -- amazing the stage the field so why balance is a natural progression. We -- -- and be like kind of needed on the one hand investment banking then again -- was not so much. Did you cry on command. No but I mean if I yeah I can. Like I guess yeah -- has seen it. Yeah usually usually always called emotional preparation which is very easy to get in -- was something. Create some kind of situation herself so clergy make about a bit and. Tossed out or just -- -- -- -- -- on -- on him pretty hard across Iowa chopping onions and then yeah. -- -- or -- and actually it's only an army yeah. He's talking the other day it gets up on the -- never job and on your life your example I've never stopped and Owens yeah definitely -- a huge jump and at times a billion times. But not been able tally up itself its fingers that. God this topic a with music is known to yourself not you couldn't have couldn't help. Here none of them the coaches commission for a -- -- post for a lot of us grew up. Of course who wants you with the Redskins but then we started seeing you on TV a lot did you enjoy it would act Seymour or plan. We've come a point for the money was equal -- help I think for sure. He is and what you do not get -- well. There's a bigger future. And let's face it isn't exactly in 95 years old and -- little that a lot. There's a short shelf life there they -- you would do something today what acting yeah for sure I mean yeah there were Villanova William and you know you kind of got him. It's a muscle and and you know it means to be exercised in. And you know I haven't exercises -- so I don't think that's gonna happen we got a little did we we -- commercials room most wouldn't actors ever seen in Omaha. -- -- for two years and it hit me like I really feel a thing it was a life what you do -- engine Bill Russell. Are near and -- -- and how much you -- Is that from your perspective or hurts -- -- the tour now. Do you prefer it you had a reprieve just got. Murray is this year. You ever see yourself moving back to -- -- -- do you find when you start getting older than you -- you go through maybe everybody's been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You reflect on things and what you reflect on is just how. How what what an interesting concept time is. Because I think back about growing up and write him a bicycle it's contrary to and I realise on the one hand. It seems so many miles and miles and millenniums away. And at the same time. It almost seems like yesterday you feared death and I'm sorry feared death. I think about death. Every day but I feel like I can learn something from John. Some days no because I mean how do you deal with I. A year ago that theory that I think wasn't Crazy Horse had a little big horn today is a good day in the diet thing is got to wake up and head and it kicked -- I still think about it you know. Does it -- you can't run a 98 today like you could when you're eighteen. You don't want not this much is it. Good I can't read the menu with that is. Good football. -- -- -- -- I just don't like the consummate ease knowing the fact that we run play basketball buddies and it has played a certain level and I you can't. We have heard or one -- drop dead -- in the. Our bill thank you so much for you really yeah. Yeah I love to entertain and -- -- stories that. I know as a. Almost -- It's like they're from. We -- back and ultimately the big game. A three game whatever they only need fifteen years there because it through game one of the the better team and yes that is something. -- -- -- I'm only twenty hours -- Infrequent those can help lower monthly heating bills this -- -- dot com for details table manners is brought to you in part by the DC lottery lots of people win promotional consideration for table manners has been provided by. The palm restaurant in Tyson's corner. And by. The Ritz Carlton Tyson's corner listened to the only show talking DC sports every morning this sports junkies weekday mornings on sports Radio One 067 the fan and online and -- the junkies dot com. Pivotal plays yeah. Growing up my older brother with a tremendous athlete better athlete and I -- the game. In my younger brother was a great athlete as well homers set the bar someplace that I would try to get to certain my mom and my dad who's ones who pushed this and tried to get this. To that level and so is really a reflection of growing up and understanding that it is always about -- -- Pivotal plays happen in sports business government community pivotal plays dot com. CSN Washington dot com it.