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Wed, 13 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com yeah. The team like Duke Team like Miami there in the truck team like Virginia needs to went out what are the differences and how you approached turn. Well I think for Virginia you you approach it just like a regular season game you just talk about the first game you have to win that game cause I really believe if they win that. First game will be okay they're go go go B font. Teams like Duke they have a great deal of pride in winning the ACC tournament and then knowing what -- -- He's not going to back -- of all he's got to square this thing work for us. They haven't played a lot of games -- Kelly back in the lineup and this is the chance to place more games in that situation. For Miami. I think they've they've earned the right to be at least a two -- now and I don't think that'll change much depending what they do in. Jamar and a guy shorten his bench a little bit as the season goes on and so they're one of those teams that hopefully they can play a few more people. In the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament to get them ready for the NCAA tournament. And you like Duke and Miami as -- Favorites in this tournament but -- sleeper pick -- a team could surprise. Well -- when you look at NC state where when they played their best this year they can play with anybody -- problem has been. -- a total lack of consistency so if they can get it together for three days and that's we're talking about in the tournament when you get today. You know -- that at first game if you complete three straight three days to their talent level they think of -- at all entity like when at all. I I think Duke is playing the best basketball right now what they did at Carolina. Over the weekend was tremendous. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. to the king we get to what's always on his mind the Redskins star sheer. And I've been beating this to death level continue to talk about the of their nature of the salary cap penalty. But it was really harm the Redskins in a bad way. Have they been thus far. Tap in in a major way. I think vote that the thing that really sticks out to me was losing Lorenzo Alexander. You know when you're when you're evaluating. On a free agent. You wanna see what he gets the offers he gets from other teams right and if he just outrageous some you know if the numbers is just too big or bigger than what he actually brings the table you go good luck. Have a nice career. But I thought what he got the cards I mean that was in the realm of what he's worth. And you know he's he's a special teams captain he's the heart and soul you know with one of that locker room on the a lot of young guys look up while Lorenzo sex class act you know he's he's got roots in the community and they have to let him go for three million dollars guaranteed nine point five over and over three years I mean that's the kind of contract that you would expect the Redskins to to get a guy like that. He didn't have the money you lose a player like that and I mean yeah he has the intangibles. I mean that that's something that you're really gonna miss in that locker missed but it got us in the media especially because he was such a great. A organism to take a look at the NFC's take a look at who's called the who's gone on each one of these teams. Dallas guys the Redskins. Hasn't been a lot of movement for the that you these teams. up philly's gotten rid of a lot of guys now they brought in a handful seems like kind of a wash so far so. Has anybody really improved their position. You know I would say. Billy may be because I I did like some of the moves they made but I think the Redskins by retaining. The players that helped him get to the NFC east west Germany retain the core of that group are so far I think they've done well for for themselves you know one thing that's really funny about pro sports and he knows this as well as anyone. I mean chemistry and continuity are two things are overlooked a lot. And when your constantly changing things up we'll go with the capitals I mean new. For so long they were changing parts trying to get to that you get over the that stray and exactly and what would be done the unrecognizable now and the struggling the Redskins are keeping. Their own guys they're keeping those young guys who helped him you know I I. Get over that hump last year and I think that keeping that continuity is gonna Pay dividends next year for sure. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. UVa bows out against NC State, must await bubble fate

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    CSN Washington dot com. Asleep if we play like this we don't desert heat and you know but. If we play like we he did it is Duke and Auburn's other teams you know effect like a month ago. That we we belong you know is also a defense you know that's identity and we don't clearly the food is a slight doubt he'd do the next couple days ago and last year appointment and what have you. next. Re yeah I mean that's you know we'll see him certainly rules to the guys a day or two off whatever prepared. We're playing and no matter what so that's a good thing especially with this team where where was with some injuries and how we started so we battled our way to gets. A spot or were in the conversation to get in an NCA tournament. And down and then the play it's not that took place in and in ninety I hope we're not on the and I Tebow to sized check that. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com I was upset and probably too so again and I'm. Apologize who wouldn't happen like that and you know. I can't take it back right now but you know I certainly wish I could and I wish I the last forehand second event will be different it's a pretty devastating way to lose the game and I feel bad for for our players and for our fans because I really felt ourselves in position in the game. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Dave Johnson

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    CSN Washington dot com. They did a good job Twitter Geico sports at central update we start the making a move for an NFL free agency you know. This is not been an enjoyable offseason for the Redskins dealing with eighteen million dollar salary cap penalty for the second straight spring has been difficult. Did all Lorenzo Alexander well they this week but on Thursday. The Redskins came to terms of offensive tackle Jeremy Trueblood from Tampa Bay from one. Was selected in the second round of the 2006 NFL draft by Redskins GM George Allen. Redskins also would like to keep fighting and Fred Davis Cleveland Browns. Also barely Davis according BS again. Davis has considered the most talented player and available for free agent market his talent is clear the concern is it about injuries were still. The Redskins appear to be a fight. Think people in the Burgundy and gold. Battled from here to Comcast sports have stereos I'm Dave Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.