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Chris Wright talks about being the first NBA player with MS



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Thu, 14 Mar 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Well as the hoyas advance of the semi finals of the big east tournament one of their own will be making history tonight in the NBA. Chris Wright Wednesday inked a ten day contract with the Dallas Mavericks after playing for the Iowa energy of the Indy DL. Right who played his high school ball -- saint John's is also dealing with multiple sclerosis. Right is the first known player in the NBA to play with -- -- Well clearly be a role model for those aspiring to do the same more than two point one million are affected by the disease. The severe cases -- nasty cause paralysis. Right originally was told by the Turkish doctors will be played overseas last year. That is basketball career was finished. They are clearly wrong. The Mavericks are in San Antonio tonight join us on the phone is Chris Wright first of all Chris congratulations. On getting the call up. And you're gonna be making some history tonight can you put that into perspective for us. Could grade you know -- and -- -- and -- You know with with my messages had great -- -- happening this week would have been -- -- -- in the beginning. I Chris is understand you played in Turkey last year and doctors there told you that she would never play again can you talk about the perseverance. And the protocols that will be in place for you to be successful in the NBA it's. You know basically can't stand it it was a it was a bit of -- it was -- -- had to overcome. Mentally and physically. Closed it. Need to remind myself there and stay positive and being a part of my and the Olympic where I wanted to and you know just. I'd just stay here they had to do whatever is it the better the united could be positive influence between them and you know when I get my my -- -- Make an impact. You know and you realize Chris and you have the potential of really being a role model for people out there who maybe thought. That they couldn't play basketball any other sport at the highest level while dealing with -- how are you hoping to use really your platform now to help others. I'm definitely my platform to help -- that I would want my -- don't want to come out about than that Oklahoma mangled. Going into this kid could -- recent MBA so there's. I am you know being an inspiration -- other people -- a -- and the people that don't know about. And managed to understand what it is very complex you comment the lack of information -- move on and -- -- and you know if you read the winner of this a lot of negative thing about it but if you. He'd be dead -- living testimony you can live your life and continue to do what you want and strapped for the best. CSN Washington dot com.

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