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Georgetown opens Big East tourney with W over Cincinnati



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Thu, 14 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. The -- is remembered all too well what happened in this quarterfinal round against Cincinnati just last year a double overtime loss that sent them home packing and this time. They avoided repeating history Otto Porter led all scorers with eighteen points while we saw excellent defense and a well balanced offensive attack that -- three players. In double figures. Almost get a lot of attention and issues. He's an outstanding player no one of these business people as we're coaching my friend but we burger king and you know I don't know. During the same stretch where it almost. Mark hill and made carpenters. Have been very very good. Those three. You have to play well for us to win. A lot of teams are making him more and nothing more in the strategy for them is to try to stop him in. You know -- awareness about the yards and retains those guys like me. Mark Kilmer also for the starting -- going -- you saw Cabrera come in early today. Venues knocking down shots also. Business and on those -- is well deserved. But at the same town you know knowing that going into games that he's gonna have that attention. We have to step up you know it's not it's not you know we don't we don't just say hey this is you know we play as saying we play as a unit. -- more than -- You know just everybody contributes to come away. Wednesday -- -- stepping up. -- not announce on desolate you know. Our team has shown to our tax going to be can be bouncing on the other teams are gonna tell us focus on when he's going to be able to make plays for us and and allow other people you have to get involved -- Which is when the white is advance to the semi final round of the big east tournament where they'll face off with conference -- Syracuse for the third time this season the boy is have now won thirteen. Of their last fourteen matchups. At Madison Square Garden a cold air and CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Thu, 21 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Or is he can describe renounce. We were definitely thankful and we just excited to be airing an outside to play in a good team Indiana. We had our bumps and Rosenberg of the season when you start off. And everybody can't resolve it a great day tomorrow marks is not stars how you finished. Two kids recognize. playing great basketball team we met for awhile this morning showed some tape. And I today and it all honesty it's the first time that every guy in the room was locked on the tape in and not you know that distracted sent them any length of time. So it's it's it's a focused team. It's it is a confident team. Good as I said the team we're gonna have to play great have to hope that they don't play great. So Matt Bradley has the attention of his team and his team about to take what Indiana I don't know Thursday David life anymore in the NCAA tournament but it's his sixteenth against the one. To the dukes had any shot against the hoosiers. I've always believed that his. Gonna happen at some point. Whether they have a shot or not we'll we'll see but. At the same time I think it appears to have a shot don't change and he's won six straight games when your conference playoff. So let's just go play like we've been playing because you're you're not going to be able to make enough adjustments. To stop a team like Indiana every way possible. So doing you did really well over the last couple weeks of the season. And thrown out there and see what happens this is an interesting team to they've been through a lot this year head coach Matt Bradley. Just about told he wasn't going to be back there's a head coach they don't wanna win their conference tournament they don't when it took a game in the NCAA tournament. This is a much different team at the end of the year they've matured. The the play the best basketball. That's true I don't think Madison would be considered a sixteen seed he just took their body work for the last three weeks is based on how they were whirling things like that so. They have that going for them and the airplane for their approach to they know they know the deal they know what's been talked about what's going on down there so they're playing for their coach. AJ Davis to has been just a difference maker for this team you scored twenty the other night when he's on the court they look like a different. He's really talented he's one of those guys that. Maybe a little bit under recruited. Then all of a sudden he gets a chance to play a lot right and he could play for anybody and you see that across the country in those guys are dangerous because they do have a chip on their shoulder they wanna show Indiana. That they're they're really good basketball court. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Gary Williams: Georgetown's defense major asset

    Thu, 21 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com when you look at who you're going to look when that line UC FT CU. Most guys at Georgetown is is Smart difficult school it is you have to look it up. At TCU don't know a lot about this team how much does that play into the into the game plan when you talk about a team you don't know. It's difficult especially when they have such a will receive what I would I'd tell the the players is just remember one thing they beat Miami so we don't have to go into more detail than that they're good enough to be Miami. They're good enough to give us a tough game so we have to be ready to play what thing Georgetown does well they played defense and when you talk about have to win six straight games and an NCAA tournament. How important is playing defense What's really important because you won't play the same offensively. It when we were in in finals we scored 95 against Kansas and fifties I think it was 62 against. Indiana and we won the championship game just in our defense as we were we were nervous we didn't shoot the ball really well that night so. The idea that you have a consistent thing is part of your team like Georgetown does. Which is a great defense really means a lot when you get into tournament play. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Caps need Green back and healthy

    Thu, 21 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. What you know is one of the best defenseman in the league so you don't have any guy. Like that out of the lineup let alone any injury and you know he's one of the 25 or six minutes a game for us so it's a lot of replace and if he's back that means that doesn't play as much and maybe can be little fresher real sharp with his decisions and it just you know trickles down line. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. JMU confident in 1 vs. 16 match up

    Thu, 21 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Strangely it's probably pretty high I think it's it's not unrealistic we recognize the kids recognize. Or playing great basketball team. We met for while this morning shows tape. And I tie in all honesty it's the first time that every guy in the room was locked on the tape in and not you know distracted frames. At the time. So it's it's a focused team it's it is a confident team. Good as I've said the team we're gonna have to play great. Have to hope that they don't plea agree. And that's the nature of the game at this level and sixteen play one. And it can be as great as a team that our kids yeah I think he just They're having fun which is really you know what this is about kids having fun in the of we will play to play our best basketball. CSN Washington dot com.