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Mike Ribeiro scores the game-winner against Carolina



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Thu, 14 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. There that's gonna get back to. Not -- just over the goal line just. Probably John Darby signaling. Line. It's the position signaled the Bulls news I'll be watching Tomlinson on the goal line right off the clothes right on the goal line. To me that baby is in its gonna be revealed that got a piece of it one more look. -- is close lake here comes a barrel. Nine. Animal it's a very interested bystander. As the situation. Until. Speaks with a referee Chris routing number five who has the headset on it was -- We did and then emphatically pointed that the puck was it. Yeah he was in. Beautiful position to see the puck was over the line a little slow on the ice is cold there has to be conclusive video evidence to overturn that call. The review was quick. The -- completely cross. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. I'm not pleased to be joined by American University head Coach Jeff Jones. Coach here. go and sticks that are really bad time to have to be a distraction twisting my guess no time really is a good time. How does a coach do you get your team prepared for their first an appearance in nineteen years with news like this. You know it's it's a really tough situation and and now I feel real so further than than his teammates and in the coaches but what they've got to do is they've got to kind of put it beside him and then go out and prepare as best they can. To be ready for that that. First round match and it's going to be hard says to play the first half without him he definitely hasn't had an impact on the of the season. about some other schools getting ready for tournament play liberty plays their first four game Marilyn Virginia they begin in ninety runs tonight what are some last minute tips that you have for these programs. Well I think for liberty is just just have fun you know enjoy the experience it's it's a great opportunity go out and didn't just have. The best time you possibly can't. I think for Virginia and Maryland is keeping in mind that you know they've got young teams this is a great opportunity for their team. To prepare what what could be a great. Season for free to those programs next year. Prices on Christmas and I see that we are going to be talking about the NCAA tournament here for your final four your Louisville Ohio State Miami. And Kansas tell Why these programs there's actually wanted to. Well I think globally as is is one of the programs that. Seemingly everybody's taken and I think they're playing really really well. I think Ohio State is one of the hot teams you know they they did a great job into the Big Ten tournament. Miami. You know hot. And and then Larranaga coming back to the Verizon Center coming back to DC. So in the you know that that certainly could be a real big story and I see them get in there. And Kansas and I'm ultimately picking them as soon as my national champion. We we had at American University we had an opportunity to play Kansas this year. They looked awfully good day they can harness tracks. Just a little okay all right so it gets old with Kansas taking an offer you I think it very much we appreciate your time by the way I'm a Florida Gators some come highly offended that you didn't put the gators going all the way. Well it next year I have to thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Coach George Allen honored at his former high school

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    CSN Washington dot com earlier today at lake high school at saint Clair shores Michigan. It was one of the home town hall of Famer ceremonies and over the last couple of years we've seen some of the greatest Redskins of all time honored at their hallmark schools it was Sam West Virginia Sonny Jorgensen Wilmington, North Carolina earlier this year of Bobby Mitchell out of Arkansas and today and Michigan. It was the coach George Allen and there. To present the that his high school was his son. Former Virginia governor George Allen are really like. What the hall of fame is doing with these whole town hall of Famer ceremonies. Just getting that legacy to the next generation now I doubt there's a lot of kids that probably a lot of kids at that high school Michigan. That dude George Allen was do you know his record is a great coach all through the national hopefully we'll for the next generation that might not know. Come in that see that plaque and know that George Allen what's your high school I think that's pretty cool. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Friends or not Smart wants to win

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    CSN Washington dot com. Kentucky's in the nineties so I mean. Think about that doesn't matter where you are if you're if you're fortunate to be part of it. But the NCAA tournament. You know as a player as a coach there there's. And that excitement and energy and if you really isn't a lot of ways a new season. Shaka Smart Rams finished the regular season with 26 wins and a loss to Saint Louis in the eighteen championship game. But they know a lot about the new season two years ago they electrified the region regional final four. Last year they lost in the second round Indiana on a last second shot that remains very fresh in the mind now senior Darius he has. Bradford Burgess couldn't pick Davies teachers don't want to. And it kind of heard from me. That I wanted to do everything from Tulsa and keep You know it's kind of funny now because now. I knew I was kind of to my Jersey on. And I want my team and they the same. So VCU the fives he gets the twelfth seeded zips about Akron champions of the Mac conference and here is where it gets fun. Shock a Smart was an assistant there for three years a decade ago he coached with and under Akron head coach then brought it gets better. Their best friends. Reaction is fine now we're playing and then once that was out of the way this exact same. As any other game you told us we've the first he's my president but I wanna win saint NATO's second time my best friend but I wanna win. Hasn't changed in RS is still his best rambling you still wanna win so. Do not not not as saying he's you know he's. Community. I think you still be friends when you lose. Smart has been his best friend the two times they've faced each other any of that jam brought knows the have a defense very well. It's difficult to stop the Rams led the nation in steals this year. Sports on Tuesday and they get together each year at the final four. Of course to a different this year only one coach. the opportunity. To coach it. In Richmond with the Rams chick Hernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Rob Dauster: Georgetown needs to keep it close with Florida

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    CSN Washington dot com. Georgetown I think it's gonna be really interesting matchup and they did block of the thwarted that the way I see and the sweet sixteen. Both those teams are very good defensively. They have some good guard play I don't trust Florida in a close game so I think that if keep it close of England of one of the game the only thing is. I really like on sworn will you get. He is you know an athletic six foot seven defender who I think can do about it for a lot of trouble defensively so I actually afford to winning that in my practice. Well I think they're guard play has been very very good Martell starts of a great season. he's a lot better than people expected coming for years and when Georgetown does know talks about their big men and everyone talks about their post players. But when they're really good they have really good guards that can knock down shots and and they don't turn the ball over and that's what they have this year. We've been in Marco Starks and part of the reason that they made is wrong late in the season. Is emergence of the volunteers with Rivera and the way that he's been able to play so those guys are making shots than. Knows a lot easier for Otto Porter to kind of just his face in the middle slipping kind of comes down to it all works together. When they're playing well it's gonna get more space reporter when he's playing well he's gonna get them open shots. In all kind of worked together but you know I. I really like that team I just I was kind of disappointed to see him get matched up with the in that same region because that's a very tough match of form. CSN Washington dot com.