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UVa bows out against NC State, must await bubble fate



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Fri, 15 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Asleep if we play like this we don't desert heat and -- you know but. If we play like we -- he did it is Duke and Auburn's other teams you know effect like a month ago. That we -- we belong you know is also a defense you know that's identity and we don't clearly the food is a slight doubt he'd do the next couple days ago and last year appointment and what have you. -- next. Re yeah I mean that's you know we'll see him certainly rules to the guys a day or two off whatever prepared. We're playing and no matter what so that's a good thing especially with this team where where was with some injuries and how we started so we battled our way to gets. A spot or were in the conversation to get in an NCA tournament. And down and then the play it's not that took place -- in and in ninety I hope we're not on the and I Tebow to sized check that. CSN Washington dot com.

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