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Wall comes out on top again in point guard competition with Vasquez



  1. Randy Wittman1:33, 1:44
  2. Martell Webster1:51
  3. Phoenix Suns1:49
  4. Garrett Temple1:36
  5. Greivis Vasquez0:06
  6. John Wall0:11
  7. Verizon Center2:01
  8. franchise record1:52
  9. Bob Cousy0:07
  10. Chris Miller2:02

Sat, 16 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. In 2002 and Greivis Vasquez was the Bob Cousy award winner as the best point guard in the nation. But it was John Wall that was a consensus first team all American. On Friday night they both squared off with wall giving the best of best years. Dangerous from distance was John hitting all three of his two reporters on his way to a season high 29 points and nine assists. Did you get a good rhythm in the last couple games I've been feeling pretty good. It was an -- -- one side and for in a different things to work coaches want and say what's been the difference with the shot -- They just shooting is going academic conference but we didn't get -- good confidence he -- a lot of companies you could have them. Nation of things mission thing lightly and if he can keep -- consistent and make him. Paper style points are very dangerous in these last two games was. As gruden. As he's done in terms of keeper and -- in the east that we have to play for forty notes. Think she she shot the ball well enough he's really proves wrong. He was -- good -- and contested shots. And I got it going so you know he was the difference it was a it was blowing about I. But for him some of those confidence in the rhythm -- tonight he -- you know some of the things he's Knuble. He's a young player. With the ability to have exclusive game so. Is this for this organization is good to see him tonight. Now Randy Wittman was able to -- it's Johnson minutes Friday night but Garrett Temple still long 44 minutes at a cheap price and -- Nabil -- still do the injury when asked about it after the game Randy Wittman -- he's young. -- -- We expect him to play Saturday against the Phoenix Suns one other note Martell Webster set a franchise record Friday night. He's the first player in Wizards history to hit 43. Pointers in four consecutive games. At the Verizon Center Chris Miller CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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