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Terps use balanced effort to take down Duke



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  2. Raleigh0:06
  3. Greensboro1:50
  4. Washington0:02, 1:51, 1:56
  5. Tigers0:09
  6. basketball players1:39
  7. ACC tournament1:49
Sat, 16 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. While I have a lot to read in Raleigh -- Dez wells scored 38 your Tigers do. This story is -- actor scored in double figures and even deeper and -- player. -- and play the night before played eight minutes scored four points and more importantly. -- -- -- Scoreless. It's a good and no amount that gets us the last night because of the land and so whatever. Who -- the small a lot of demands of that until. You know the step of the First Amendment zone from one -- records in the -- -- and I just thought this a pretty small lineup. And -- he brought me late in the game and I didn't sit him on the installment on the court it's a stop talking trust me an excellent. -- Berlusconi. Knows who grew and I don't know whatever number I think it gave -- team. Possibly minutes and we can build. Neither of us that two suddenly -- today he means he made it to be clearly needed been days and on the men ought to be accessed. Set really go to mesa threw just those -- -- complete team effort and went to put -- are built for march you know -- guys. Closer they'd have to -- -- -- -- quick as he sees fit enough so he knows exactly who's doing. Hasn't tomorrow and really -- trees down the thing VW catalyst you know just -- the person met. Everybody looks to -- -- when we need to. Stop for a school you know so whatever my -- and defense yeah yeah. Have been flat perhaps Alou that was a lot of fun and I just really proud of my guys checking -- I -- him all year. And done. You know this the last few weeks as we lost to George tech they've been a lot more approachable. And they've been a lot more disciplined as basketball players and you know at some point like that's gonna come on. I think the balls on that would integrate all time that's enough but we're in the right. -- ACC tournament in Greensboro to Fernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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