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  4. Virginia1:49
  5. Washington0:02, 2:14
Sat, 16 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. After being down most of the game thirteen at one point the Tar Heels Maryland still found themselves with a chance. Down three with ten point nine seconds ago. They called the play from what -- hall. It didn't work. The senior guard. -- -- -- You know violated shouldn't number -- you know again the Loria and flora and I missed the consulate -- draft -- and you know just it was it was the pitcher. Get to do it over getting -- -- a little bit tighter on it he didn't he ran he ran out -- try trying to get space. And I think if it -- a little bit I think you're not to death when you walk off the court tonight. -- -- puts his arm around what's what's the feeling when you walk off. You know everybody give everything they have out there so. In his heart break in and that in and like that so I'm. You know who proudly Brothers you know it is coming close to -- -- stay together and laws and away. Marquez. I was far. Kingston -- -- for a seasonal talking. Facing adversity and we -- -- Rio is we have a bit sent. You know who. Was originally and more effort to reverse the amusement of us. Liquid and have legs you can totally different problems Harden was in transition -- but I think it is overall it was a dream like experience for a young team. And he'll learn from states yeah I know coach really loved it he came in here is the front of the game and I think there's a big step for us that's the next emphasis on went on guys and -- it. Your emotional what did you tell your guys. Just really proud of him. You know it's been a hard year for me. Coaching these young guys -- got a great job. If dressed put a week you know the Virginia game in this together and ever since the George tech game they've been much more attentive. Listen to -- you know as my passion in 91 million through -- -- and can never quit you know this was a tough tournament for us and that never quit and got slightly and play and anybody in the country right now and I don't care where we -- my flight going -- them -- until I -- three weeks ago so really proud of the group. CSN Washington dot com.

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