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  1. Reggie Bullock0:40
  2. North Carolina1:07
  3. drive baseline0:16
  4. Maryland0:05, 0:35, 0:53
  5. hot hand0:32
  6. striking distance0:30
  7. Atlanta0:19
  8. Washington1:42

Sat, 16 Mar 2013|



Csnwashington.com. The wind but Maryland -- a good spot selection Sunday lots puts them. And the big trouble my friend early on first try to establish Alec landed. Inside. Big Ukrainian drive baseline for the first slam and it's a good start. For Atlanta Carolina -- -- by going outside -- PJ Hairston buried the NBA range three. Tar -- hit three of those in the opening minutes -- Trying to stay within striking distance -- how. With the hot hand he had nine in the opening half Maryland down by five. The rain looked like the -- would run away with this thing in the second Reggie Bullock drove. How bright Johnson finishes that -- UNC led by as many as the teen about -- for. Showed some fight they get the ball without. -- -- another trade -- Maryland back in business they -- within five points now. How -- -- passing field here brought the defense behind this and it went finish as strong for two of his game high twenty. That lead is cut to three my friends North Carolina has an answer about market hates goes baseline. Takes on land -- floater fault tough shot at top break from Maryland 7770. You heels current keep battling that talent. Tried the three rattled out Logan's era hall. -- shot hit the put back at fifteen point game Maryland finally get the chance for the tied down very tense second lap. Carol three way off the mark for himself heartbreaker 7976. And their faith in the man. -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com it.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Yeah I think that what is it three feet or whatever the excuse me. Scenario and they're playing in Philadelphia built on Friday and we're joined by the of the maxim hot and 39 years covering the land route. How in depth in pairings look the important Clark and now and the but we are thought topped Miami earlier and the feeling that I can't. No not at all and it's still. You know first of all what a great atmosphere here. Exit Leo Donovan senator to have all the fans here supporting Georgetown basketball you know I've been doing this for a long time. He's a great receiver selected how big I think getting back to the super Hornets are good. They like to do ballclub that can happen. And if you look at the history of this tournament. Can't take anything to vs the fifteenth seeded fourteen it's all about matchups include George some have their work cut out for the on Friday night. Lilly is the door Cowboys are going to get home because they not at the arrived at her and they aren't game. The sweet sixteen round it would be like in Dallas they make it that mark. But every that lasted only as good. Struggled all I hear when that can. The regular season the main. But they made it to the sweet sixteen then I'll think I'll be different about this team that you think thinking get fat and came to the sweet sixteen million. You know to close all about matchups against the NCAA. And hopefully Giles will have the kids when you look at the match up Florida Gulf Coast and giving San Diego State. Draw Oklahoma there are some tough ballgame tonight and the thoughts and also when it comes NCAA tournament time you've got to take care of the basketball. got to rebound the good news for Georgetown they're one of the best in the country defensively they held Syracuse the last got to be 55 points. at Cincinnati. Sort of lowly 42 if there's one staple that's been consistent for the boys they're gonna use in the NC torn his defense. Absolutely we've seen it all season especially down the stretch that Georgetown defense. That that it you George's county's seat. That's reason I'll be in Philadelphia idol beat their race will be there on Friday night. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Okay. Do you. You know mark was. One of those nights. He could have thrown off the roof and I think two women and I. Willis is good to be Martell Webster on a night he dropped a career high 34 points on the Phoenix Suns including. Seven of ten from behind our there was even a time and fourth quarter when he shrugged his shoulders all Michael Jordan. As the Wizards conclude their three game homestand. Three you know. My teammates kept following me. So maximize sorties teammates there lyrics to continue to shoot the ball and then. When you have the backing then it is easy to shoot it and put anybody in my position. And knocked him show. It's futile mark just playing well who's gonna crazy so we've played very very well you don't slow and he was in his own zone. Dynamited George surely last and so there is good to have come out of him saga he was four for eleven last night and tonight was like it there. Get a big night for us in the moment. I definitely don't study one no yeah. He indiscriminately wouldn't. But like you offensively needed pieces and cause in the first part of it I until b.s are gonna hit the softer showed earlier event into reverse dunk. Screw it up and said here by hitting like up there to convert. Yes he does. Or do I get the assist. After missing the last six games with a sprained ankle Bradley deal would return walking twenty minutes coming off the bench scored thirteen points and six rebounds. What a difference a day makes I there's nowhere to complain and some ground as we go I was there were finalize the offense didn't go further. And has really well over the to see how much till tomorrow to see. How well nobody can hold our particular super. Bruins put the Wizards Chris Miller. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.