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Georgetown now preparing to enter into phase 3 of their season



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Sun, 17 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Head coach John Thompson the third likes to think of this season in phases he's told me this all season long phase one the regular season face to. The big east tournament and of course space three B and CAA tournament he sat down with me after the selection wanna -- wanna admit it. Phase one went great face two not so good but right now all that matters is space story this is what. To -- all you do here. You record you'd get to the -- as you were -- here to get through this field of 68. And in the you have to try to keep hill for one but it -- Now you guys are headed up to Philly and I heard you talking about it a little earlier is there something to say about staying close to home or does that not matter. When you're in the tournament at this stage yeah. We will lose it's good to have the opportunity to distribute to the with a missile special you can complain about it and we can be and truly we can be analyst good. You know and we would be excited having a plan to find a way to get there. Certainly insist it's going to be a -- he's from the -- -- -- that it would be for us to slow so you flew to solicit. Your match up to fifteen to match up Florida Gulf Coast they beat Miami this season we're in the time. Of college basketball when the fifteen to match up is not and give me. What -- the world's changed and we say well this is. How many -- this is the mid majors this is a power six this is not power six book but once you get down to looking at and analyzing the teams on the court. The differences between. Does this field of 68 all the teams -- minutes we'll receiving this means nothing you know we're gonna play against the very good team Houston not only. Beat Miami but they've played against Duke they're putting is decent unit played -- -- -- -- who won their league. Two years in a -- and so. You know they're coming away and we're gonna have to be prepared we're gonna play very very well to win. Now after you found out where you guys for going and you address the crowd here. At the dining hall I remember you wrapped up by saying let's send we're gonna be around for awhile. How important is that TU that this team sticks around given the last few years in the tournament and really just make a run. What's important is that we beat Florida Gulf Coast. And so you know we tried to limit at both ends of the spectrum. You go to a sweet sixteen going to a final four as well as having some early exits. And the former is much better than the letter. And so hopefully you have a formal. They can -- the only thing John Thompson the third is concerned about is getting his hands on plenty of tape for his upcoming opponent Florida Gulf Coast. Right when he got to share with me he was off. To the taper. In Georgetown a cold Darren CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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