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Tue, 19 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. I'm not pleased to be joined by American University head Coach Jeff Jones. Coach here. -- -- go and sticks that are really bad time to have to be a distraction twisting my guess no time really is a good time. How does a coach do you get your team prepared for their first -- an appearance in nineteen years with news like this. You know it's it's a really tough situation and and now I feel real so -- further than than his teammates and in the coaches but what they've got to do is they've got to kind of put it beside him and then go out and prepare as best they can. To be ready for that that. First round match and it's going to be hard says to play the first half without him he definitely hasn't had an impact on the -- of the season. -- -- about some other schools getting ready for tournament play liberty plays their first four game Marilyn Virginia they begin -- in ninety runs tonight what are some last minute tips that you have for these programs. Well I think for liberty is just just have fun you know enjoy the experience it's it's a great opportunity go out and didn't just have. The best time you possibly can't. I think for Virginia and Maryland is keeping in mind that you know they've got young teams this is a great opportunity for their team. To prepare what what could be a great. Season for free to those programs next year. Prices on Christmas and I see that we are going to be talking about the NCAA tournament here for your final four your Louisville Ohio State Miami. And Kansas tell -- Why these programs there's actually wanted to. Well I think globally as is is one of the programs that. Seemingly everybody's taken and I think they're playing really really well. I think Ohio State is one of the hot teams you know they they did a great job -- into the Big Ten tournament. Miami. You know hot. And and then Larranaga coming back to the Verizon Center coming back to DC. So in the you know that that certainly could be a real big story and I see them get in there. And Kansas and I'm ultimately picking them as soon as my national champion. We we had at American University we had an opportunity to play Kansas this year. They looked awfully good day they can harness tracks. Just a little okay all right so it gets old -- -- with Kansas taking an offer you I think it very much we appreciate your time by the way I'm a Florida Gators some come highly offended that you didn't put the gators going all the way. Well it next year I have to thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. These CU's. The five their highest seeded 28 years they get Akron a twelve seed also enjoying their highest seed in school history and by the way the zips. Just a third team the last thirty years to win back the back. Mac titles and of course he taught BC you talked final four from two years ago a lot of those players graduate but. There's still some left and the ready to make a run. It was not a conference home just as soon anything is possible. Don't don't in his how many years you know March Madness you just gotta come on be prepared to play and I just think we VCU as a program. They just shows what type of players home coach Meyer's recruitment. And you so much heart that we have and we wanted to come on prove process. Any given night just like any other program there's more visibility of TCU now. people know how we play people know what we do. And I think with that comes some expectations that hey you should advance you should go deep into the tournament particularly because we've done it before. But I think the biggest thing you learn at this time a year if you've been here for us should doesn't give them for him you gotta go make it happen. Coming up later on the nighttime additional sports that central. I the latest on the two coaches shock us mark and keep them they are best friends and college basketball that's a rare thing even rarer duo gets a job there. In the big dance. For now from the palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan on chick Hernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.