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Coach George Allen honored at his former high school



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Tue, 19 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com -- earlier today at lake -- high school at saint Clair shores Michigan. It was one of the home town hall of Famer ceremonies and over the last couple of years we've seen some of the greatest Redskins of all time honored at their hallmark schools it was Sam -- West Virginia Sonny Jorgensen Wilmington, North Carolina earlier this year of Bobby Mitchell out of Arkansas and today and Michigan. It was the coach George Allen and there. To present the -- that his high school was his son. Former Virginia governor George Allen are really like. What the hall of fame is doing with these whole town hall of Famer ceremonies. Just getting that legacy to the next generation now I doubt there's a lot of kids that probably a lot of kids at that high school Michigan. That dude -- -- George Allen was do you know his record is a great coach all through the national hopefully we'll for the next generation that might not know. Come in that -- see that plaque and know that George Allen what's your high school I think that's pretty cool. CSN Washington dot com.