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CSN Washington dot com. Kentucky's in the nineties so I mean. Think about that doesn't -- matter where you are if you're if you're fortunate to be part of it. But the NCAA tournament. You know as a player as a coach there there's. And that excitement and energy and if you really isn't a lot of ways a new season. Shaka Smart Rams finished the regular season with 26 wins and a loss to Saint Louis in the eighteen championship game. But they know a lot about the new season two years ago they electrified the region regional final four. Last year they lost in the second round Indiana on a last second shot that remains very fresh in the mind -- now senior Darius he has. Bradford Burgess couldn't pick Davies teachers don't want to. And it kind of heard from me. That I wanted to do everything from Tulsa and keep -- You know it's kind of funny now because now. I knew I was kind of to my Jersey on. And I want my team -- -- and they -- the same. So VCU the fives he gets the twelfth seeded zips about Akron champions of the Mac conference and here is where it gets fun. Shock a Smart was an assistant there for three years a decade ago he coached with and under Akron head coach -- then brought it gets better. Their best friends. -- -- -- Reaction is fine now we're playing and then once that was out of the way this exact same. As any other game -- -- you told us we've -- the first he's my president but I wanna win saint NATO's second time my best friend but I wanna win. Hasn't changed in RS is still his best rambling you still wanna win so. Do not not not as saying he's you know he's. Community. I think you still be friends when you lose. Smart has been his best friend the two times they've faced each other any of that jam brought knows the have a defense very well. It's difficult to stop the Rams led the nation in steals this year. Sports on Tuesday and they get together each year at the final four. Of course to a different this year only one coach. -- the opportunity. To coach it. In Richmond with the Rams chick Hernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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