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Wed, 20 Mar 2013|



I'm Jason also known -- -- who felt their line. I'm trying to make it back. With the -- throwing bogeyed the next starting off. I'm John little. I'm going along well. Through all these years. I'm just fortunate this -- When Thompson creek when you come. -- -- -- Wrestling entertainment executive Linda McMahon. To our table for the palm restaurant it's a bit. Or we -- benefit the two guys are actually have a drink yeah. Are actively eliminate him and says the water -- them. It's only maniacs are grandchildren two sets to retreat. You -- -- class and you. What you don't think it's -- -- -- on easel performance I. I know I think them but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And generally luck I don't really and it was -- only. We've I don't know Scotch yeah didn't we get Johnnie Walker we did as a gift Johnnie Walker you look at it gives you -- -- because it's still expensive even. Does Johnny walker blue is really expensive right like for -- -- -- -- -- -- rounds of drinks like really expensive stops in my that's my opinion Alex is a bottle of Johnnie Walker. Johnny walker blue lights the -- is good stuff I'm just and it's coming over a hundred dollars a battle. He realizes that so I didn't get -- get sick she knows that I. You have Scots are what does mister Clement and I -- everything okay and he sent me my cocktail of choice your car. Out of -- -- what is what is your husband's Langerhans same thing and thing. How big is the bar and now. But as small -- just a little corner in his study. You have to be -- -- is all over the place -- -- the beginning to really -- That was your thing right he started the toys Ryan gives the whole licensing deal gosh I guess that was back in the late eighties for the first. As I give that and I just -- Greatest yeah. Yeah yeah. I did you I don't know about. But -- is -- this is your. Play you know should have like thirty WW my god bless him I him. I think given to but this is your does your brain child back and then you're like. -- we have to expand the brand little bit I branch out in this part of that -- -- -- the whole engine program was something that hadn't -- -- I was really really great and the first action -- that would -- you mentioned -- -- And you had to be very careful not to break the mold bright because in the McClain molds are different than the way. Beyond that how much it costs it's a pretty decent and I didn't see her go over in China I mean it's got like a sense he's. It's what shall not boxes are going to college to get him next agency that I really -- I. -- blue pants and. You'd like -- Johnson has portfolio. Since I've asked was that the first thing that you marketing was action figures. I know the first thing really work we're teachers. And eight by ten glossy photos. Our son -- who is now 43 ourselves. Off when he was like two to four years old he was playing the back of the cart GI Joe's Brian. And down in this -- what do I -- and drinking anyway and not consistently go visit Lincoln had when they -- to do know what one day. Little boy is going to be playing there called dollars and now without those dolls and so about seven or eight years later -- boys and call an action figure Reid's trust me I know that's. I actually did have a doll that mom got me -- and in it it Pete yeah. You're I had -- and you if you feed it water. And then it that they don't care where defeat. Was this same way you -- me it was a male dog she I had. Ironically the record yes it had a thing where they beat the right up the thing. When you did that in Atlantic City. OK. Okay. Had all those things that's how -- Ravens either I'm says it is it safe to say on how much you -- off on us were you the brains behind the need to be. No -- and I was sense total combination. Vince and I -- and things -- -- rock -- you're the rank. Since I have absolutely different skills I he's the might use them also you know. Yeah he's pretty he is the of the force behind on the creativity in the marketing and production and all of that I was really good ads. -- organization's. Administration and nothing you ever start out dreaming it'll be as big as it becomes all you were doing was. You know like day by day by day making it work every single bag and I'll tell you today. Monday night Roth is the longest running weekly dramatic show in television history. Longer longer lasting longer than gun smoke was so now we can test. Okay this is -- and he saw. To -- and all the jerseys all. Up until movement what's it like it's. It's a lot better than being born I've been bones so I really -- for -- the other way and it was actually went bankrupt and. Yeah. We -- Tony has been. Hunting creek windows can help lower monthly heating bills -- -- to increase dot com for details table manners is brought to you in part by the DC lottery. Lots of people win. Good teams in the lottery greens you done so three scratch here. Good win 50000 dollars against this league. And then the second chance throwing review but don't feel good trip or two to the 2013. Soul train award with performances from some of those great hope for star. So yeah proves it's going to be that it is terrific -- -- -- pressure bolted from the bottom where lots of people. I'm -- there when it comes your -- you can play hardball herself well. Softball a big ball your utilities cash flying -- -- windows every summer. Hardball -- -- -- -- windows and they keep the heat out trapping -- comfort pulled passion. Greeted the home team. Building their windows right here in their own local factor going with -- anyone else this series there. Calling 77 window one now isn't the biggest window sale of the year. Do I didn't trust your own the top -- coming up. -- and if you go from food stamps and then another thing you like Dubai I can arena how do you go from bankrupt -- buying an arena. Tomorrow. Do Wizards head out for a West Coast swing starting in Phoenix within a few signs. Coverage starts at 930 brought to you by Miller Lite it's not just a good time Keith Miller time only on Comcast sports net. But he's best bats serve -- by the DC lottery. But even got a break in the show what's in the play the DC lottery this season. We're bringing back the most popular ticket ever by the DC lottery it's called District of Columbia -- too. They'll be launched this spring it will have two million dollar winners that best odds of winning a million dollars in the region and over seven million dollars in prizes. This DC lottery dot com for more and Mike has and FaceBook and follow us on Twitter. -- -- table manners. Has this report aren't easy takes its how you get to play that's been. So -- -- alert and -- the -- it terrible and it could possibly for you guys came up with the idea of WW. It's safe to say that. You've got an argument Vince. Way back when when you were thirteen I'm not what you're going at the he's about to go there and I know. -- -- -- I first unit defense when you're about thirteen and church -- going a little bit older he was a -- search sorry yeah. Really got tired when I graduated from high school. So he was already here as a junior in college so and I took overload to one Summers and all that kind of -- -- graduated depths yeah. -- -- This is a classy way I can analyze it last night. I'll take this is not it is a non offensive or offensive to expose or not if not a -- -- embrace it and it is safe to say Vince is the only guys have been. I don't know that I would say that. Okay. And now it's just good you'd you'd gain a lot before the only other American. What's it like to be -- A music it's a lot better than being corner and both. So I really prefer her the other way around new offense and I actually went bankrupt at one point you officially bankrupt we -- totally face and we lost our hallmark -- -- in the driveway. OK city but she did live in that we have -- burgers we did this year when we graduated from college. We moved to like this is our foot tree indicates just unable what's special I've. Minutes and expert well yeah. Figgins back for the holiday thing and any shots or I'll Bill Gates lived and get this work you're the richest people that. -- heard it was out of clothes and I know he didn't have the money and yeah. But now we gradually graduated from my college in my at my in laws lived on and get this or that has lived in Washington. They were 4000 -- for years and engineers which is actually. This was sort of the birthplace. Of WW when it was originally capital wrestling corporation. Here and it was and thirteen 32 I street the old Franklin park and tells you something they -- on. I can't thank my ex commandos yeah. I'm minors and under an -- -- we'll wait for the next round I got a garden. Yes what was it a little girl up not have won as an adult. Overrated -- tennis garden yeah big garden we shared it with the neighbors and it. -- -- -- Boston Garden that I have some reason -- -- ultimatum was there I could see her having a guard at some point passing that so you were Dirk or one point. Now what went I -- everybody thinks I'm absolutely. Read that you're includes -- on Simpson's for a week and then I just I -- to me how that is as that we have to do something different in this country's. You know whatever it is we need to do it just doesn't. Does that mean when your -- -- -- I need to know than you do the exercises they actually good at that point you had -- and you -- actually continue to isn't there were did you check out line. -- Eagles from food stamps and then another thing you like. You by like an arena like Goodman is dead throwing some a lot of -- We and we never did that you know. And we need to rest know who we box who yeah. Uncle for a lot of money -- it's OK well I'll give them like yeah. I didn't use it I. Out of look at seven actually. I haven't -- -- I -- that's my mom I trust my uncle Jack is Bannister would you say that there's enough. I don't so I actually wrote letters on that and -- good. -- and adds to call home and don't go to his house so right in front of a letter and you relive that actually. News the. -- -- -- -- a little -- -- -- -- of my ass deal where he would have dropped for. -- Reagan got -- if they wanted to stay in WW you can kiss is physically make her pay the bills you can. Playing -- big -- go home. Sport jamboree is the new. Your friend another fan. -- Opportunity when it comes to you fast. And sports business government. Seems -- and challenges and opportunities into winning results. So EB cursing his radio and now see me what's. Him you know I'm always opponents who. Start taking nation -- two -- money. Has got this small pest problem and my alarm not working and age. Five start techniques. He's an easy thing we've got us not just anyone can be a spot start technician -- -- -- yeah for good crowd Metcalf dot com. Coming up to. Before that he's. Until like chocolate rigid. -- -- -- yeah. First yeah. We -- Yeah. And do you Steelers knew it -- You can win a million dollars and still. Yes sports. Comcast sports net -- Our original program. Stewart all -- Now -- table manners. If you went bankrupt against the do you think he could. Making his fortune. Hot I have no idea and I can you genius I know who continues so I took a lot of hard work. Hard work to combat we were fortunate that the interest on his wrestling business was was growing. And promotions turned out to be strong after that thank you. And downs so we just kept at it we just kept working you know condolences to. We were young and many felt down and I didn't feel defeated to just got back up the next -- was there a single biggest turning point is that honestly I don't. Those are that's just to see in -- -- I did I remember me I can maintain the move before then easily just. -- -- -- -- I know it. Mobile home and they got Soriano into a pick I'm going to -- a small people javy is an. It's going to take guys like music being and you think it's how you guys don't have. Remember seeing. No it didn't. Man competition but there. Little people remember it he. You ever have anything to do with the storyline -- Never know you did when you were involved know I had I had back played a part when I was involved you know I was told that there were some times are late they're -- body slam me oh yeah there's no that's not gonna have to there was one time. You're right and it was on the paper -- is. -- tape review the weekend before Stephanie was getting married. -- contributors on Sunday issues getting married the following Saturday. And she was against her father and a pay per view match and I was in her corner so the story line was that. This was -- body slam me and we weren't rehearsing hat. On basic match and I have a semester read my lips this is not -- river embarrassed. And our mean if there's anything dressing like. So your husband for awhile did this whole kiss my ass deal I -- Yes where he would have dropped -- on the other end he could have wrestlers if they wanted to stand -- going to be sore on. -- the kiss his -- Physically I'd say -- right. I'm here for the guys when -- -- pays the bills it. Are you insane I think you might be insane like I don't understand why was someone spends a 151000001 campaign allegedly a 109 inches. For a job that pays what 150 grand and. Here well even more insane I was gonna take any payments are. Because I absolutely believe he's still don't that we need people to come and serve. You know it -- our government who -- there on -- limited terms and viewers they really just to do a job and that was my goal. Lot of couples have you know arguments in the stream about finances. Is Vincent walking SH president thank you and fifty -- like yeah. -- happy there's not a hypocrite and who's not happy that I didn't win because in Israel and their support very supportive dorm both campaigns. Don't know there's no way my -- -- are not a slam that I -- letter. Do you spend fifty million you guys harder than you think I would have done that with a one mutually supportive now. I'm having him and hey can you please everybody doesn't let you know I. Sleazy and we'll talk amongst ourselves most expensive thing that Teresa's. Well grace is my wife. She came its cable and house she smiled. At can show -- her braces. Okay and I had no idea she's been embraced Fisichella that you wish you well moves -- -- -- I thought it would be more willing to the quarterback and -- it's and actually that's the most I've spent town that aren't as I did 1000 now tell me because that I'd like killers that. Owens yeah. Well here's a question for you beat up dolls don't aren't senator what's the term of the senator. Has she -- how long was -- -- here six years and. As ourselves -- -- Document like there was an -- mean for all -- physical work. Feel like your congressman is two meters -- Senators six -- big -- for golf -- go for -- We got it down and -- do a bowl win. You got to -- did you vote last election he ranks kick I didn't mind I want to. And believe and those who would want to be president of the united who'd want to be and comment a terrible job ambitious people. That I don't think it's -- servants who wants to do the. Add pressure under wire I wake up every morning and get -- threat matrix report I would like to see a threat matrix it looked as if -- -- longer I am class there every day. As a senator in there you really had an opportunity to happen on legislation that's when I was really hoping to them. See you and I just wanna go home at eleven and chill was well couch and what they stand right she wants to serve the people. She wants to make the country better by and she's good person I now have six grandchildren. Look I know it sounds cliche but their grandfather and I live the American dream so -- -- ensures an -- kids and our grandchildren have that same opportunity and this what I think. I'm gonna be game. I'll probably spend about three years sooner rather than they look. I'm not take care -- gonna be freaking you just -- you. Hello legacy what he's not gonna -- about do you not do you have children a beautiful children from the greatest so I'm gonna be freaking good. Then I -- And series he wouldn't have been I do believe that there's probably some afterlife here as well as any. I'm quite sure can drive and I was reared. Bad piston and I converted to catholicism so I've had a really strong in a Christian I'm background throughout my life to get into fashion. I've been to Kashmiris is so awkward I've been to confession time it is nice to remember I just can't. If I want to see CD together I think we are confirmed together today here you know how you can confession can. -- it's hard to go to confession when you have miniature. Seventy here's what do not only did the deal that had to -- when you don't invest in the mood is we've got the screen. Or you can sit face to face when I went with a pretty big screen -- should take the screening. Is it based based on the freestyle all the all the things you -- -- life. Got. We did tell the truth would you lie a little bit on you there is called a mission yeah. Not so you can draft coordinate everything mostly Catholic kid Jason. Yeah. I was gonna ask you this view. And after what will they allow you take more than one -- -- That probably look for -- watching you do that one. -- -- have for a -- I think that's -- -- on the -- about this feedback and unbelievable how they're part of the world. That's a great job yeah it's just wonderful thing is amazing for -- now Duke really great job thanks to everything finished strong thank you don't believe we're all cleaning up the desert isn't you pass -- I don't know that -- the mushrooms is that I see mushrooms in terms -- -- mild most of them play yet you -- -- -- As I have a promotions a constant effect. -- -- probably -- yeah very you can boxes version down laughter. Coming up on two matters when your dad -- you talk to the jump shot you actually jump and release an absolute opposite John Hathaway. Can you tell me -- he's careful about doing the job so there's your one. Oh yeah. -- goal within related to the millions seemingly are colors are green. Better our award winning vehicles this -- -- -- flies around Maryland Baltimore. Petite 37 and Hendry -- from by the performance and comfort par -- for providing the best old dog like cars and measured keeps our -- returning. I just -- 'cause of the way out like. She's 37 extra man pulling. And an -- that Jim -- -- in the first visit Jim Coleman including Doug drama. Coming up until. Oh good god is that really just one person put it and take half an excuse there. You go -- yeah. I'm -- -- when it comes your home you can play hardball or softball softball a big ball your utilities -- -- -- -- windows every summer. Hardball too did top sinkers windows and they keep the heat out trapping -- comfort -- passion. Greeted the home team building their windows right here in their own local factored going with -- anyone else. And be serious there calling 77 window one now for the biggest window sale of the year. Do what I did trust your -- the top thinker. Now -- to -- Really -- a couple of. -- -- -- -- It could be the first dog beds fifteen years is not a minute wait to see it there and have confidence no I'm not haven't happened. I'll wow so were you saying that. All of finalist that everybody we footballer when you're younger. -- If you play basketball -- -- your. I basketball and it and I school. Know there were no girls' teams from way back in the dark ages when I played basketball it was all part of -- do you. Recreational. Lincoln you know in town so my dad came to watch him a couple of the games and there was this really big tall girl. She just -- me like this all the time and I could never get a shot and then it. Say we came home he said I'm gonna teach you something -- basketball -- not practiced all times. To be should we had to do a jump shot. Girls didn't jump shots I was casino. In the county I was the only girl they can do -- jump shot so I go up and over. Get I have. How did you shoot before that and we just sense a sense that there's a sense that's a US open would actually. He's like hey there -- there it's that there were hail Mary shot to right that's a done so. When your dad taught you talk to the jump shot you would actually jump and release it out of the top of the job absolute. Can you show me -- and if not you want to jump to show his uniform. Oh yeah she's got a little spin on the holiday and a stoppage of at the top and released my hold -- really clear finish the singers and there was. That's very good right strong when I was in high school they taught me to. In campus and reach for the -- but there was a bit of peach basket for a genuine so when you shoot you would reach for this just a hump that's a silly shot yeah. -- -- -- Like you would reach for the piece of all people out of the expression have reached the beach there and they're getting there is always control it -- it's it's his fingers. I don't know much reason you should -- on the year so there's things working on the answer yeah. I thought this is not right you'd learn your shirt right. -- did they don't exactly. All I'm not -- -- well. Okay. Yeah do. You know I thought I should move him out. Shows all right but it's. Good friends that I. How -- -- and I figured it. -- Ireland yeah. Every track tournament in the white hot what can I do hear about the good news is is Canada's nice time. Right it does because the makeup. Otherwise it would take up up up today -- -- Half too but -- like basketball and softball I took a baseball to do with the boys just at recess. Because I think it's gonna win when you care more about the daughter of him. He doesn't do much about seeing you -- come in. I've never heard Hillary. Know. She had bumped and bruised and want to not seriously hurt but you would get hit them. You're going to hit it right in his face it that would. You hope that nobody's gonna square off against certain things that you. You body slam someone you can out of fall there's -- when they could easily chairs and so that's -- that's the real thing right there is nothing golden chair in. Cheers still hurts yeah it was a real -- I don't know like plastic chairs now. Surely it's church you know -- -- -- -- yeah it's all there -- it's not a problem and I hit some. Why has there mainly men and nobody. And I was holding Hartnell in the right way -- Linda thank you very much thank him and he's he's black. Guys if -- here. And I think I'd be scared of -- good enough that he can make one a lot fun WW. I got the real world was a big became a -- -- The only. They just -- I'm always Russell weren't huge. They still could become stars have personnel. Yeah. Don't want to get -- the head.

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