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VCU coach Shaka Smart spreading the inspiration around



CSN Washington dot com. You know I told -- a one time and I say you know Shaq is not always right but he's always share. And that really describes him he's a very confident. Loyal young man and he's one of the best coaches in the country. Not often you hear one coach speak so glowingly about a mother but that's the case for the -- prince keep dam -- and VCU shot -- score. 200306. They coached together at Akron the last two years -- brought the head coach. They have remained as close as you'll find any coaches. So Smart was asked Wednesday if this wasn't bittersweet match. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To me -- sums bitter sweet. And these kids to play in the NCAA tournament and if you do advance that's sweet. No matter who you're playing against it's disappointing in the sense that day you know you never wanna play your best friends. -- we have a lot of friends in coaching -- anybody is closest has himself but but ultimately you have to put that aside and go win a basketball game. You know a business and assistant McCourt owners don't go away he knows. He's he's my son. So I know when the game no matter what currently -- PM -- -- and split at the unity justices could always be best friends. I would've loved it for Akron and VCU. To advance in the NCAA tournament. It's just simply not possible because we're playing one another so. -- for me. Would be -- -- There are so close they really are. As she was getting his team ready for the Mac title game last week -- brought ask coach Smart to send this blog a -- pet message sports that short. They -- Mac title over Ohio. Suffice to say coach Smart will not be helping out this week that I just did -- a few days. Don't mean it was literally -- for the Mac tournament so. Now. I think they really want from me now anyway you know he told us that we could do more than just when the Mets and we can make a run NCAA tournament. What's out -- -- these guys who have he's had a right now Purdue more so as we get to do it and deal anybody soon you'll be doomed. Yeah. Strong words. About those from the looks of coach Horton and his brands and they don't appear to. In Auburn Hills, Michigan chick Hernandez CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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