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Thu, 21 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Or is -- he can describe renounce. We were definitely thankful and we just excited to be airing an outside to play in a good team Indiana. We had our bumps and Rosenberg of the season when you start off. And everybody can't resolve it -- a great day tomorrow marks is not stars how you finished. Two kids recognize. -- playing great basketball team we met for awhile this morning showed some tape. And I -- today and it -- all honesty it's the first time that every guy in the room was locked on the tape in and not you know that distracted -- sent them any length of time. So it's it's it's a focused team. It's it is a confident team. Good as I said the team we're gonna have to play great -- -- have to hope that they don't play great. So Matt Bradley has the attention of his team and his team about to take what Indiana I don't know Thursday David -- -- -- life anymore in the NCAA tournament but it's his sixteenth against the one. To the dukes had any shot against the hoosiers. I've always believed that his. Gonna happen at some point. Whether they have a shot or not we'll we'll see but. At the same time I think it appears to have a shot don't change and he's won six straight games when your conference playoff. So let's just go play like we've been playing because you're you're not going to be able to make enough adjustments. To stop a team like Indiana every way possible. So doing you did really well over the last couple weeks of the season. And thrown out there and see what happens this is an interesting team to they've been through a lot this year -- head coach Matt Bradley. Just about told he wasn't going to be back there's a head coach they don't wanna win their conference tournament they don't when it took a game in the NCAA tournament. This is a much different team at the end of the year they've matured. The -- the play the best basketball. That's true I don't think Madison would be considered a sixteen seed he just took their body work for the last three weeks is based on how they were whirling things like that so. They have that going for them and the airplane for their approach to they know they know the deal they know what's been talked about what's going on down there so they're playing for their coach. AJ Davis to has been just a difference maker for this team you scored twenty the other night when he's on the court they look like a different. He's really talented he's one of those guys that. Maybe a little bit under recruited. Then all of a sudden he gets a chance to play a lot right and he could play for anybody and you see that across the country in those guys are dangerous because they do have a chip on their shoulder they wanna show Indiana. That they're they're really good basketball court. CSN Washington dot com.

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