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  2. Wichita State3:24, 3:29
  3. hometown team3:14
  4. The Palace of Auburn Hills0:06
  5. final four0:40, 3:32
  6. championship game1:49
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  8. Akron0:14, 2:40
  9. felony charge0:23

Thu, 21 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com do you see you get to -- tip tonight at 945 of The Palace of Auburn Hills. Checkered -- -- will be staying up late to take it a little March Madness. With the Rams in check. I understand Akron. A little shorthanded tonight against UC. Yeah not good time for the zip says they lose their floor leader outs Abreu to a felony charge back in early march but they did come back and win that other second straight. Mac title so now they get VCU and here's what they get in the Rams steals steals per game and Trevor ratio. They are ranked number one. In the country. Two years ago even during their final four run Shaka Smart called his defense. -- now it's in full effect and for coach who knows the opposing coach so well the defense is rather elementary. Perilous simplistic and -- and the way that they just dot com actually thanked. Hate that it is the worse it is form -- he's gonna come when I talk about the Rams defense they talk about pressure although the real pressure might be on. The freshman guard -- Betancourt you see on March 7 third junior guard out of bring you was arrested on drug trafficking charges he's out. The freshman and against that have a defense. -- it would be just slowing down just just take care of the ball the impression you. We always got sick in the middle so we can throw that every anytime you have problems will be -- couple different ways -- at least they're better now. Number when they throw the ball inside more than they did before which is where their strength is and number two and a half court defense. It is it is better and enough already it was very good to ala Simms on the -- Ellis and they really get comfortable even though he's a freshman. And nearly as you go have some jitters and short but. He talking a lot more comfortable and I saw that more in the championship game comfortably play and you start really get into the line -- thought process of doing that he's -- -- Easier particular ball but that's the issue handling the ball against this Rams defense that set a school record reform to steal 21 better than their previous mark. And when they get it on defensively. You can you can just -- -- easy cost fans a real and you resisted having stun tickled but he jumbled and atmosphere. And on when she threw today did you see your opponent you know put money source but we got -- -- time to turn up even more the Gaza -- and as -- you know they they know it is here in his. You know and have the -- to a good formula. You know in. When we seed and teams guys know we just go -- -- even more and you know so. That's that's an event as we have and we had to -- to go first that's a tough -- but once we do you know sentencing. So the good news for Akron is only see the have a defense twice the bad news is it's early. And often and I've been reminded by the way do not sleep. On the VCU offense Brent Harris. They tell me and I know it now obviously the stats wise they're ranked thirteenth in the country averaging 77. Points per game course right now. They await the three plus hours till game time. So often defense will turn an offensive does for the Rams and with all the attention that beats you as being did -- As far as being that the team that should advance through this tournament is there any danger of looking ahead to what could be a match up -- that hometown team. Michigan. Yeah you know what that they look back to just last year when they were an eleven seed and got the win over Wichita State. I -- to be a twelve to their -- twelve seed and they topped the five seed Wichita State that first game in two years ago there eleven seed when they made that final four run so they know. At the bottom of the bracket. Can certainly do a lot of damage to the top. Right -- times have changed there for we VCU Rams appreciate it and does stay warm there are to get him back inside too late. That's like. It's CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Coming off 24 point sixteen assist night in LA it was amazing you look in his not against Golden State first quarter wall guarding curry. It's got on the moving screen is curry hit the jumper the Warriors are seven of Wally he's not exactly happy after that runs his mouth up the court. The rest you've got enough that given a technical foul. Remember this for a little bit later played the second lawyers start to pull away curry connects on the three from the wing and the next possession. Off the Wizards turnover curry. Staff that gets to go from long range twenty points at the half for him the lawyers they led by. Third quarter now curry. Turn the ball over walls that you work and the give and go with and he gets fouled hard by Klay Thompson and is very slowly get up after this one. He hit both free throws Warriors in big play he blocks while again and we'll while not backing down he's not happy and so he just keeps talking. And the rest doesn't like the double technicals and it's his second meeting his night is over the wall ejected from the big game. Fifteen plays on without him curry continues to it holds up. From long range again. It's good he had 35 points on. The day in the game before leaving with an ankle injury as the lawyers they went at one of one. CSN Washington dot com.