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Hoyas ready to get things going in Philly



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Thu, 21 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. They pretty sleep -- taken that short bus trip up to Philadelphia where the fans can also make the short trip. And support them and let's not forget they're familiar with the Wells Fargo Center. They played their last road game of the regular season against Villanova right here but -- little bit. Had a great point today he said no matter how familiar you what are with Philly or what the Wells Fargo Center it's just a whole different ball game. When it comes to playing an NCAA tournament. Battle boy is he took the floor here at the Wells Fargo Center to try and reappoint themselves with the floor they. Spent about forty minutes shooting around let's not forget a lot of these guys they're not newcomers to the NCAA tournament mark health Starks. And Nate move it both making their third appearance in the big dance Otto Porter. Had its freshman season and a trip to the -- last year but for the younger guys like Dovonte Smith Rivera they have one crucial. Piece of advice. Just gets -- we knew we haven't really discussed it two months. To watch a lot of film. Just you know get more familiar with the team will be playing against it's very important this time here and you know it's been a long long season but you know this is this is what we all you know with the players for a instill a turnaround. You know. Service really excited everybody is excited to go and ready to get that came on. I was -- obviously you grow up watching all the games and you know he's sitting in class. As a middle school -- -- trying to get so postseason turned the TLC and lost games. I do that a lot but on the but you know as far exercise -- by the Saints. On you wanna who knows note keep it comes down and others down who you know you'll you'll get too hyped for the game you know just one of own lives and you have to focus this and excited and sound this is it's just moments all -- work that we put there. You know cigarettes how many you have and at the same time it it is a business trip. It's something that's you have to be mentally and physically focused on and I think everybody in this room is is Israelis take on -- challenge. Now as you could probably noticed mark L starts the quickest point guard. Really enjoys talking to the media in fact he is a very good out at the media. Joked with him during Georgetown press conference today asking him when he was going to be a congressman. Mark tell of course didn't want to talk about any of that right now he is squarely focused on playing basketball. In the NCAA tournament friend. Nicole I'm sure it it came up to date -- the press conference at the -- is still feeling that pain in the early exits from the last couple years. -- -- Most definitely in fact I talked to a lot of guys in the locker room about that today and I said that they didn't have much advice for the younger guys but they spent a lot of time talking to them. Especially in the bus trip up here about how excruciatingly. That loss to NC state was in their second game of the tournament. Last season you combat that is still burning on their brains and they truly wanna make a deep run this year. CSN Washington dot com it.

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