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Rams' dominant defense contributes to historic tournament blowout



CSN Washington dot com. We knew Akron coach keep them brought soccer -- best friend if that's the way -- best friends. I do not wanna be -- enemy 46 point victory they forced 22 turnovers the question is is it the rams' best defense of effort this year. I think we had a few of whom few good games and having them but I am I think tonight. -- this time of the season. As we can get that effort kotsay there and I just felt like -- know everybody was on the same pays him. No we also play good defense known in the first what do I think it's out of forty minutes you know in the past we have. -- notes on what's -- defense. Some Tom not the entire game punting -- -- -- and so we -- tonight -- -- for your defense so much but. The offensive effort six once and that first half he did let up in that second. We didn't know and closed marginally really emphasize -- you knowing in the locker room -- have time you know don't only you know it you were up thirty for your team and it doesn't matter. You know in that I mean I feel like. You know he he's that would do that was to and we move we -- -- you think -- looking now gone on. Hopes of that. You know they're great thing. Part of one of best point guards in the country. Part of way. Promise and had to go to the -- trying to say you know we can do we did tonight to -- and Evan look at. If anyone knows what can happen it should be the VCU Rams they survive. And advance. From the palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan chick Hernandez CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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