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VCU vs. Michigan: can havoc defense create TOs?



CSN Washington dot com after disposing of Akron Thursday by 46. The focus quickly shifts now towards Michigan for fifth seed VCU. Michigan handled South Dakota State despite their best player and player of the year candidate Traber going two for twelve shooting. But it helps when you have a pair of NBA offspring to carry the load. The very latest chick Hernandez joins us live from The Palace of Auburn Hills with more on Saturdays showdown with the Rams -- wolverines -- How old VCU's slowdown Tim Hardaway Glenn Robinson Suns scored four combined 42 points Thursday. Those are big name's Chris and certainly BC used like used to being the no name team there -- OK with that but there's really no mystery to this game. Garrett is in a nutshell. These years have a defense number one in the country at taking the ball away they're facing Michigan. The number one offense when it comes to taking care of the ball. We have not seen. To very many attacks may be with -- Arkansas earlier in the year. Alou and a little bit I don't know Virginia -- and me and a Big Ten you can we have not seen this type of defense since back in December. So it is it does take command it that's why it's can be so effective. Can and Manny you can be down ten nothing. See a lot of speed a lot of big -- peoples out there a lot of guys and anticipate ball very well so. We just I'll watch a lot of film and see what weaknesses that hasn't it but you can't really finding me I love talent is we all love challenges and we know we. We wouldn't be -- -- we knew we had to facing these type of person you know tomorrow we will there will be times during game we face an adversity and you know I think we. Know how to handle that staff. To rattling the Akron guards the -- not get a couple of guards with NBA pedigree is in Glen Robinson the third and Tim Hardaway junior plus Trey Burke. The national player of the year candidate. -- well it's too late to cancel knock anyone else. You know those guys have done a good job all year long. I traversed a terrific player national player of the year so it's going to be as big of a challenge as they seen all season you know -- campus apartment round. But massive gas company one oppressed who -- not going to be no matter if this turns is there and that so we want to come to present we -- -- a game -- -- following the plan and you know it's always we're gonna field. This game will be the closest Michigan has ever play to home and and incidentally tourney game Ann -- less than an hour away -- -- fans well. Need every one of them there tomorrow and nine and was just like we do last game and they kind of got us going and that is. Come -- we -- to make runs they got into the game and it was almost like it was a home game. You know they're going around so it known to get a you know fight to an end so resolve and -- and that's going. Children you know we've been here you know there's I mean it's on New York. We've always been the underdog would I don't feel like we we are dead tissue when you know still a few we've done this and use it for motivation. Michigan has played seven times here at The Palace of Auburn Hills Chris Miller they are six and one in those games. They've gone the ten to three sixteenths. VCU. Try to get back to the sweet sixteen. For the second time. And three years. CSN Washington dot com.



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