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Sat, 23 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com how to tell me I -- you guys are well prepared and knew what to expect from the Florida Gulf Coast team. Did anything surprise you out there today. I don't know -- to couldn't move. It is brought energy we just couldn't match. -- noticed quickly the crowd here at the last Pakistan and got behind articles -- and seems to love the Cinderella to that. Cherry -- all the way the crowd is reacting to them communion with the return and I didn't expect from. Movement on those. With that gave them new to them grief in this moment to support me who knows what they were feeding off of them is to crowd. We'll see some of the incidents and making plays whose hopes. -- -- -- I mean everybody in this room that has shown us and across successes. Even and everything they had it. From the you know like like nothing like I've been saying since you know we won -- regular season but he championship we we we put jobless when it is -- this. It was just one of those like -- citizens one of the days where. Just can figure it out just consider now. But it hurts you know that it hurts we have so much into it. Our fans who -- they gave it everything they had. Student body our coaches coached. You know they've -- -- they -- there with us all the way and just is -- you know for this happened the way that it did. Obviously a lot of times -- -- on the -- I want she put this team on your back especially in the late minutes. Time winding down heading back to back threes really. Put the team on your shoulders from Tomlinson who's -- -- much much notice you know. I'm momentum. Like what you know maybe -- -- event it's much so maybe just you know things happen -- -- they do today. I'm -- just honestly felt like we were we were competitive which we were we were prepared. Own resistance that is saying you know they they would they were better prepared today. You know it I want to win. One win and so does everybody else in this one -- -- we're we're home we're a team of competitors. And there's shown all you. Home despite this loss I don't think there's any any damper on our season obviously just this loss hurts. You know you don't want to end your season with a loss like. Retain just flat out just how pleased you. But at the same time -- have to recognize that you know. They've read they were pretty -- and there's some access. Management has some big shots and you know closely. We can regroup and come out next June giving notre. CSN Washington dot com.

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