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CSN Washington dot com. Case of the day's job they're here facing Winnipeg in the first period for its life good to see him back off a nice -- by Mike Ribeiro. Why -- the one timer past Andrei -- -- It's one nothing -- and also on the first play -- now. Horse with a turn every year and he is a way. With the Rivera as a two on Juan Rivera with -- saucer pass -- for the blast. -- -- I'm move on the second period -- are still dominate this game off -- -- fourth checked Joseph Warren. Guess it's -- Jay Beagle in front of his second goal of the season at the end of the night pavlik. We had a cast on Jack's place and an Al month old battery place him. Doesn't really seem to matter Marcus Johansson passes -- opt out so -- -- These -- it's -- nothing -- third period. Still on the attack here Mike Green good to have him back as well hit the putt at the point fired that shot by that nothing. But really sour note came late in the third period when Dustin buff -- Sides down the wing it and well I think that hasn't shot on the net the puck finds its way past great -- five to one for the night wage. Closer by the captain to see that on the power play Kobe gets his second goal to -- they've won it 61. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Mike Ribeiro0:10
  2. Juan Rivera0:23
  3. Mike Green0:52
  4. Jay Beagle0:35
  5. Marcus Johansson0:45
  6. Winnipeg0:06
  7. Kobe1:13
  8. Washington0:02, 1:20
Fri, 22 Mar 2013|

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