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Caps OT: Ovi stepping up big in crunch time



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Sat, 23 Mar 2013|



And then yeah it's. Well from the caps that -- I'm half formally went down they were brought to buy pivotal plays. Let's get right to pivotal player. Al so that's -- said before this week started it was a make or break week. They -- in the playoffs are out of the playoffs how do you think he did and I think the team did. What you don't like going into this road trip by I thought Ovechkin was excellent in Pittsburgh the entire team there was a moral victory and other players -- So happy with the outcome but all -- can play and all three games so far this road trip. Has been sensational everything he's done without the -- have been very good when he's had the puck moving it at the appropriate time for the right teammate to the right spot. And then what he's been doing shooting the puck on the power play's been lights out firing a -- of players are overplaying and he's sending the puck tape to tape across the ice. I thought we did everything in his power physically mentally emotionally. Every single facet of his game was on and has been on during this road trip can't say enough about all the good things that he is done. Now we talk a lot about a movie he's taken a lot of criticism lot of heat this season. And the one thing that Adam let's keep saying is. There's more to his game and scoring goals he wants to convinced Alex that his game does not -- around scoring goals and he proved it against the Jets. He was such a physical force what does that do in the -- two game series. What -- moving forward here what what what I can do moving forward is that you know what the reason he did play so well as you get so many key players back you've got. Mike Green back Manning the defensive number one defense and on the team -- guided the best penalty killer back there. He's -- best -- on the power play and the new look of Brooks like mr. everything for the Washington Capitals. When Ovechkin looks at his lineup he doesn't feel that he has to do every single thing it was easier for him to play his game this week because. Everyone the first round was set up the way it was supposed to be set up. All the lines have specific roles that were able to execute he didn't have to do things that he normally if you shouldn't be pressuring himself knew he can't score every goal. It was a Clavet -- Baffert. And have a guy play so well as a number one right Winger that is do what he had to do and not have to be too much or more in and make mistakes by pressing. And when he's pressing and he is prone to making mistakes but we have confidence in your entire roster in your team when he looked back at the defense he's getting passes on us -- retired. He wasn't have to fish it out of didn't have sufficient out of the skates her off the boards. So I I look at everything that the team provided for him as well keep providing great leadership. But you know what everyone else played well and with he's able to do his job it's easier for him to do his job and to be the best guy on the team. When he doesn't have to do everyone else's job as well. He was the best kind of team and those two games and they play probably their best two games in my opinion to their best games of the season their break outs are great. They're goaltending was great and when you look at this going into a game like New York Henrik Lundqvist gets all the credit in the world. But who would you take going into the lists this one game. Well you know what I really look at -- hope you're right now and what he's done. And a lot the first part of the season you have to throw away those first three weeks the capitals got off to such events or maybe he was in -- it seem like almost every night. But since then he's been the MVP and all sorts of your goaltender doesn't matter what league you're. You have to have a great goaltender when you look at today at behind you as a defense that -- here on the bench and looking your goaltender they need to make big saves you need to make. Stop every puck that was supposed to talk -- -- need to steal some. Am grateful for Canada for the right now I'm watching Hendrik Lundqvist. On video and in a -- highlights and and and low lights. And I'm seeing him let him a lot of it if he goals and right now you know the New York -- had that Cox and all the time. But I think it's certain effect him that the teams are created at offense some notable Braden will be. Being on a hot streak. Going in there one in the shut them up again and he's done great the underdog role and I'm sure most people the pundits around the league who don't want to Washington Capitals play that much but like despray. A lot of negativity their way. There they're gonna say the Lundqvist is the better goalie but you know what this year and -- wants to go on the improve itself. They with the cavs come in and win that game there one point. Out of the eighth spot and that could be an incredible feat considering where they went to start this week with Alan may I'm chuck Gormley thanks for watching -- so Tate brought to you by the little place. CSN Washington dot com.

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