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VCU suffers worst loss in Shaka Smart era, Chick Hernandez reports



CSN Washington dot com. The. I love forty minutes of game time later the Rams suffered their worst loss and the shock a Smart era. The poise of the Wolverine guards including player of the year candidate Trey Burke just too much. He played amazing how we we knew he only had about 68 points last game so we need to come out aggressive. Try to get his early so we just want to keep Martha -- -- he's most effective for his for the Celtics teammates and he just he has agreement. Zuma Nesta on the ball you know is this tentative you know for us to get in the groove thing. They have great guys in the -- there but it is about opportunity so what is best you know. Team in the country of you know put on the books of it -- the talent to go down played and we haven't in the united and I don't know how long and -- and -- it. We lost in the tournament on Edmonton's season going to be gone and this is is some Moses. Just sucks and -- San. And sort out a lot to say they're devised to next season except for three seniors who leaves a legacy they've won more games in. Anyone that's ever played at VCU and that's including all the all time greats and guys are doing in the NBA right now. They've also won more NCAA tournament games than anyone of these years what will you leave this program feeling. So much potential you know we need Darius in the evening and we we've won a lot of games you know and my season I mean my career got in on the loss tonight and opinion might look at the same time he's used this has always want to mark. They do but for the second straight season VCU come to one game short of the sweet sixteen so much to this game with about the turnover battle. These are you the best at taking the ball a country. Michigan the best at keeping the ball in the end. It's the wolverines. Who -- the Rams at their own game scored several points off turnovers. At the palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan chick Hernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. the palace of Auburn Hills1:59
  2. NCAA tournament games1:16
  3. Celtics0:29
  4. Moses0:57
  5. Rams0:10, 1:54
  6. Burke0:17
  7. Wolverine0:14
  8. Michigan2:00
  9. turnover battle1:45
  10. sweet sixteen1:43
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