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Caps take down the Rangers in a shootout



  1. Eastern Conference4:47
  2. Alex Ovechkin4:35
  3. Brad Richards3:20
  4. Washington0:02, 4:53
  5. New York4:34
  6. star player0:30
  7. wrist shot4:25
  8. road trip4:33
Sun, 24 Mar 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. You've got decisions. In. He managed to play in the. We hope Jack why it won't be Nash tried a little razzle dazzle. -- the right time and everything's timing on the poke -- hopes that a way. On their star player then -- last year was five for six he's eight for twelve. Career. Quinn's could be thrown into convulsive. -- -- And here we got to Indy there's one there's two tries to go to his forehand. Got that I've never I. Looking to get the -- Tries to move lateral a little bit to his right side is going back across his body. And did not hear -- Callahan. And there's quick kick in the shot. -- That speed on his career 31%. Shooter. -- that's been looking to give one. -- -- That's an amazing home. Celebrate. Tonight cavs fans in attendance celebrated my Bible be. Somehow that slot got through the wicket there's some creativity comes across and look at a slider that bronze after a Lundqvist. -- -- Movies that whole reason so many issues stopping Derrick -- on this season. To stop them. You for a lot seeded. Deadline must school. For me. Grade won't be that big shot the forehand backhand looked great. Plays he. Or the 38%. Shooter in this. Get this -- my. -- -- Had a -- and Lundqvist comes up big there's the right at it makes good coverage everywhere. -- Brad Richards is. -- -- -- Eighteen. Hole he mixes up his britches and and here comes Richardson's. Just be -- been tough clinical. Did you go from one guy is slow to one guy. Wind speed and you've got to place your back to. I think next hole -- backing off and it doesn't get caught up. -- back from against Lundqvist. Necklace with a chance to win -- Bathroom hesitate to hit the brakes. -- just you can't sign any ice here at Madison. Square garden covering this. -- -- That's celebratory. This win it all over big backs up a little slow and then that is an old fashioned wrist shot that beat Lundqvist. -- do some catching glove. Baxter in the caps. -- beautiful finish to this road trip here in New York. Alex Ovechkin is prayers were answered. -- -- -- -- high five the caps win three of four on what was a crucial road swing at. And they continue to climb in the Eastern Conference. CSN Washington dot com.

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