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Tue, 26 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com we bring our nationals insider mark Zuckerman now mark I the national certainly. Are going to be under the microscope this year how this team dealing with the expectations so far. You know honestly I think they're embracing it and that comes from Davey Johnson -- he was the first one in December and it's a World Series or bust. And he's kept it up all spring players sort. Eat off them capture their court -- play action he is. I think they welcome it hit the Bleacher Report for them they've never been in this situation where they were expected to win it -- -- level in the World Series. I think it motivates them and they understand now that's just winning the division preaching about isn't it because that's. But team definitely have to believe in themselves let's talk a little bit about Bryce Harper. He has been absolutely on fire this spring but Davey Johnson Alyssa has he expressed some concern over lingering injury today what can you tell us about that. At first -- is playing as mine -- her last nine has that story which forced at least six -- -- -- hit it really all spring. It got here. He's a lingering issue got jammed on a 68. Hour day. But and they could happen -- -- he did get jammed in the on the scoreboard. -- Davey but he may have been in the -- -- to maybe -- and -- a cortisone shot at some point you certainly don't want to rest the guys give them. But to see him at some point before Monday but -- and wanna make sure he is under percent rate ago that didn't. Terry and their season. Right well as spring training doesn't wind down. What questions remain for this team. Well there -- a lot but there is one spot. Probably in the bullpen. That it still up for grabs that what your reasons. Job to lose and he may be losing it because he's been all over the place now and it could be donation with his elbow and I wouldn't be attitude on the DL and he JC Romero and better and leapt at the district last week. Could sneak on the team. But also there are some guys any more work elsewhere probably closer we haven't seen it much -- he's gonna go back to. They indicate true story has gotten better the -- and a little bit of an erratic spring -- I think at this point. You just wanna see some of those relievers get more work but their arms open to sharpen themselves make sure they're in top form before opening day. Yeah opening day will be here very soon I think you very much mark Zuckerman we appreciate it. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Tough day of practice for the Caps

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    Csnwashington.com. A scary moment yeah. It's minutes into Thursday's practice in Alex Ovechkin shot rebounded into his own He left the ice to get stitches and did not return. He did however a couple of pictures one showing. 22 stitches in his chin. Bottom line though he's a hockey player. Today the instances you know. Part of the job this most things that happens and you never want to see it but. Com and we find Thursday's practice was tough and with less than a week before the trade deadline. This team is in a precarious position they have three days between games and are still on the outside of the playoff picture looking in. With all here of course on Mike Ribeiro on All the time. I wouldn't trade before the end of this year and then move again at the end of presently that serious self coliseum in nets it's part of the business in Nam. Pittsburgh may have stolen the spotlight. But to trade deadline angst definitely exists here and that's no secret and it did its response force it makes him really really good moves. Size and ranking team time for. Players on the teams to deal really known here buyers sellers or it's gonna go on. So I mean yeah. That's that's a pretty huge change it's fun to see that but. For the majority of the guys I'm sure they don't you think about it until there's a couple guys guys trust them. And same on every team and that's way to be a and is limitless you can do about you just have to try and don't like you say compromiser and put out there isn't going to do your job. have one more practice on Friday before they leave for a three game road trip in Buffalo in Philly. And then in Carolina with the capitals still Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Ray Wright keeps the Redskins in shape

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    CSN Washington dot com down blocks now with the two weeks you only have two weeks lifting and running. With the new CBA so. The first two weeks is just lifting and running and then we did in due to football practices were still listing at that point but it's more football. Criticize on the music here in the weight and another Whoever those guys whoever is the oldest and here at the time I don't his time guesses the side and you ask the coach cannot override that. It is to it is too vulgar to prove anyone. One direction too far that I can override it. Pudge coming out of. Year you're you're very busy I know these guys are commenting going man in terms of the way York. Side of the organization. Reform this year how do you integrate strength and conditioning side of things. I think we did a good job we've we've we've got to get better in some areas. I think towards the end some games we were a little tired. We can do our part in here to help that. But overall I think coach Shanahan did a great job of keeping guys fresh. Keeping guys. Make this year that guys got their lifting and got their running and so. Overall I think was did believe we got to get better. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. CSN Update: Ribeiro's future with Caps in doubt

    Thu, 28 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. sports net central today. I about a personal here for CSN Washington dot com. Talk about trade or signing Mike Ribeiro continues to be a focus of the NHL trade deadline less than a week away Rivera leads the to 35 points eleven goals and four assists. After reports surfaced last night at the 33 year old turned down the caps off for three years for fourteen million. That he won't comment on negotiations with players and today ribeiro wasn't that forthcoming either. I'm not gonna mention or talk about it so it's about records and people. Think about rumors or someplace that I Bryant just wait and see what that's gonna bring us it's. Hard to. Keep that aside when I mean you guys aren't such tirades and you know I can put. Jason different basis has the right time and I don't think about it game. Next few days so it's gonna happen it's gonna happen yeah. We'll see what but this weekend brings us to win. And how good for us in Comcast forces studios on Chris Miller. For CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Caps OT: George McPhee has a pivotal decision to make as the trade deadline looms

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    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Kellie Cowan join by our capitals insider chuck Gormley caps OT presented by pivotal plays. Now there's a pivotal decision coming up As the trade deadline looms April 3 of course Mike Rivera making every case to be resigned or the history. Well I think in this in this situation George McPhee has to look at where his team is in the standings and I don't think anything's gonna change over the next three games I think this team is going to be right where is right now. With that within a point until the playoffs. And that makes it very difficult decision because. You don't want to lose him to free agency in the summer without getting anything in return now. But on the other hand if you trade him. Where does this team go from here I mean they're still in the playoff hunt what does that tell the guys in the room what does tell the fans what does that tell the head coach. So it's a tricky calm because. It's almost it's a situation where to he has to sign him before the deadline so he knows that he's making the right call here. But then you look at what's gonna cost this could be five million dollars a year for the next five years my 33 years old. Is he going to be worth five million at at 38 that's a really tough call and make as a GM. An easier call to make if you Michael Barrett because you know that if you don't get it here you'll probably get it somewhere else so I wouldn't wanna be endorsement he's used. But I almost feel like he has to keep him if he wants this team to get into the playoffs. George McPhee usually gender really quiet at the trade deadline do you have a sense that this could be a little bit more of a splash this year. I don't think so I. Right there in a position had I mean they do have about seven million dollars under the cap so they in a position to add but I think George is probably going to a little close to the And keep what he has here I I don't think he's a big buyer and I don't think he's a big seller so I think what we see right now the caps I had a good feeling. That's over I see it in this trade deadline. And of course one last interesting note about this trade deadline is the draft and this particularly heavy draft class coming to protect. Let's say I mean it's it's been a really big draft for for high end players so. If that if the capitals make a deal if they trade Mike Rivera and they trade him to a team that's in the playoff time. They're price looking at a lower first round pick I don't think the teams that would have a high first round pick are going to make that deal so. It's it's a great draft but I don't see any caps getting enough in return where they're gonna get a top five pick. I think you guys at home watching caps OT present I think they'll play. CSN Washington dot com.