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Harper has lofty goals for this season



CSN Washington dot com. Bryce Harper has been in the national spotlight since he was in high school. But to the nationals the twenty year old outfielder is just one of the guys. -- quick to credit veteran teammates who have taken him under their wing. I'm Jayson Werth and leave me in the right way. -- error and Ian Desmond you know we'll ropes to so many guys I have around me help me every day. And you know pass and you know just play this game for awhile and you know finding ourselves and every day and try to you know get better. Everyday and sounds and it's it's good for me and I think it's good for the organization. It's come a long way a short period the Phillies -- Long way to go to go up to learn. Taylor Taylor's adequate straighten -- he wants to be good and you know he wants he wants to be that guy wants to be the best player you know that if there's ever been in. You know let's let's get these guys to drive this yet it's got the ability obviously it it's going to be up to them. The best player that's ever -- -- reluctant to make his personal goals public. But no one in the organization believes the rookie of the year award will be the high point of his career how much war is there still -- game and do you see another big step for him this. I think he's. I don't think he exceeded his expectations or my expectations are he's he has high expectations for his ability level as -- I. I he's going to be a terrific player for us you know he's he's he's he does all facets of the game well. He's only gonna get better and you know he's he's a guy with -- unlimited ceiling -- and had a guy that has a great future. I'm never you know -- -- -- do you are saying okay you know I -- better single day and you know I got a great team great errors session player for. And you know I think as a team you know we. A little bit you know unfinished business you know we know I can. Don't think any of us like losing attendance -- -- in the air you know when -- further -- going to the playoffs and hopefully. They'll get into the World Series entries in the back sound. CSN Washington dot com.



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