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  2. Larry Sanders0:38
  3. Anthony Grant0:35
  4. Iowa State0:13
  5. final four1:26
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  7. Syracuse1:11
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Thu, 28 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com black -- -- brought shock -- more standing VCU was the right thing to do. I love the fact he's staying there are now all these coaches from his mid majors staying Fred Weber tonight at Iowa State not that that's really made major on a ten year twenty million dollar extension the -- -- I was -- And Shaka Smart at one point five million and it really is straight up these you might be in the big east before -- -- -- -- so maybe he'll have the power schools. I just don't look at -- this game winning for a long time he's got start back. This up he's had some great recruiting classes but started with -- Anthony Grant. And Bradford Burgess. And Larry Sanders and those guys he's now correlated into the guys they are now Webber and BS in Redick and all these guys they're wildly entertaining to watch it was disappointing that they lost division in the way they did this year. But you've got to back up 456. Different recruiting classes after this I just don't think you get to the level of coaching. Legacy that you can nationally Adam VCU but I do love the fact he's. I think we're in -- -- -- to do they were not good level that they are today I think when you have Bobby Knight booted me out of the first round we're not like they were they had a Syracuse was not like he was we don't know -- Sharks want to build these big schools now have -- -- -- -- governor of one year and gone. You can keep guys from. 34 years. I think in that situation where it is they -- is this thing is -- freshmen and sophomores eventually know they don't because the final four in the national -- just for all the same big schools. There are. The music you're talking about -- -- You come on along UConn can't. Details the easier it is every coach does not look at it like we all do to just go out there wanna jump to the next level sometime they go to -- sit. Set up shop and educate and make a lot of run young men become -- me right where they and they are -- -- -- Debbie goes to. CSN Washington dot com.

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