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Larranaga, Miami fall in Sweet 16



CSN Washington dot com. On your brain around it but this is of them matter what Marquette did it for and do you chalk it up to one of those nights. -- Normally we make shots. And we've been shooting the ball well. Maybe not everybody but normally someone steps up and makes a bunch of shots for us last week it was Ryan Braun and Koreans got another game. Trey McKinney Jones in the ACC tournament chain -- him almost all the time. It's -- could make shots Kenny cards you have a couple of baskets early but we couldn't make any threes one for eleven at halftime. Got a little bit discouraged by that and it really didn't have the juice that we normally have when. Who plays so hard we just get it going to tell the guys at halftime knowing that we're still chance. Volatile in the nobody wins anything at halftime. You know we're down but we've been down before when we played several games this year we were down double digits and came right back and tied the game up but -- tonight we just were out of rhythm right from the very beginning I know it's moments after game but the positive you take from this season and your squad. -- there were a lot of firsts there and first time we were beaten number one team in the country Duke actually January 23. First time we're going to be North Carolina three times in a season first and we were when the regular season person and we never won the ACC tournament. First time we've been ranked in the top five teams in the country number two. The first time in hadn't. I ever Sixers haven't sellout crowds. -- -- a lot of excitement surrounding the -- in Miami men's basketball program we're excited about that we're very proud of that. And then these these players deserve. A lot of the credit that goes into this than having a season like this. CSN Washington dot com.



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