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CSN Update: Four teams through to the Elite 8



CSN Washington dot com. This is a guy -- sports net central update. Tell everyone Michael. NCAA tournament. Fourteen -- punching their ticket to the elite eight in the upset of the night coming with top seed Indiana losing to Syracuse 61 to fifty at Verizon Center. Number one seed. Going down in this way as the orange zone bothers the hoosiers all evening long in this one. Maryland native and a -- staggered to what people finishes with -- fourteen points in the loss. Here's the winners and losers after the game. We got a heck of a ride with -- -- And it doesn't feel like that tonight it won't feel like that for a couple days. Maybe longer. But the bottom line is that this program has has come from so far. And I hope at some point in time the seniors -- guys on this team will remember that they did things that hadn't been done first offering twenty years in Indiana. But more importantly there's not any programs whether it be Syracuse when they're beat Kentucky Carolina Duke. That you name it that they're the blue blood programs in the country -- ever had to endure with these guys and endured. There's no words to describe as a -- -- I was doing yeah. -- good -- -- credit for -- gray game is definitely. Think we have a lot to learn from -- -- you know I don't know if there's. We could really take it a ball and we should've. You know and it was tough game for a. You know they're just they're really good team I thought we had one advantage at the guards spot with the size. And we know we we were able to to take advantage of that. Any early games three seed Marquette knocks off second seed Miami 7161. We've never been that close the Golden Eagles were -- thirteen point lead at the break before going up by as many as 41 in the second half. Like catch there will also leads late sixteen points off the bench as his team shoot 20% better from the field. For McCain. Chick Hernandez can learn it. On your brain around it but is is it -- matter what Marquette did it for and do you chalk it up to one of those nights. -- Normally we make shots. And we've been shooting the ball well. Maybe not everybody but normally someone steps up and makes a bunch of shots for us last week it was Ryan Braun and Koreans got another game. Trey McKinney Jones in the ACC tournament chain -- almost all the time. -- tonight nor can make shots -- cards you have a couple of baskets early but we couldn't make any threes and one for eleven at halftime. Got a little bit discouraged by that and it really didn't have the juice that we normally have when. It plays so hard we just get it going to tell the guys at halftime knowing that are still chance. All told them that nobody wins anything it halftime. You know we're down but we've been down before when we played several games this year we were down double digits and came right back and tied the game up but tonight we just were out of rhythm right from the very beginning I know it's moments after game with a positive you take from the season and your squad. Well there were a lot of firsts. First and we -- beat the number one team in the country due back in January 23. First I was going to be North Carolina three times in the season personally when the regular season percent -- in the ACC tournament. First time we've been ranked in the top five teams in the country number two on the first and we had. Five or six or seven sellout crowds. There's been a lot of excitement surrounding the universe in Miami men's basketball program we're excited about that we're very proud of that. And then these these players deserve. A lot of credit that goes into this having this season like this. Courtesy of starter for the game tonight was it on the road. And the orange continue playing great basketball after the win in the big east tournament. And they now face Marquette on Saturday 430 for a chance to make the final four. In the west practical stuff stay back in the elite eight for the first time since 1981 they will meet Ohio State at 705 on Saturday with a trip to. Gotta do three in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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