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GEICO CSN Update: Fans show up to support Nationals



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Fri, 29 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- sports net central update. Everybody Julie Donaldson for season Washington dot com the nationals -- wrapped up their exhibition season this afternoon. With a 42 loss to the New York Yankees of that game did not count but what did. Was -- -- -- the fans that showed up to see their beloved nationals over 38000. And the players who they were happy to be home. Once again. So if they get to come back here and then you know -- wasn't expecting this thing people incumbent now as definitely showing in. You know assure one and then had little better outcome but you know spring training in Mosul. Santa when's your season has the same -- resist it if it's not good to be home I think all of us obviously love -- -- of playing here. It's nice to get back to the facilities here and we gonna get your team and I think you go on but it's it's nice to see that many fans from mountain. We're looking forward to -- to have an exciting your community originally senate and -- -- excited you're back to. You know the park from players and being for our own -- and become fans and I was excited and definitely. It's nice you know as far as nicely and you get back I mean obviously the lights turn on into the back in the big stadium and lights and you know. You took second third deck him behind you see the ball or more clearly and you know just kind of -- found -- era. That's gonna do it from here at the Comcast sports as it is I'm Julie Donaldson persists in Washington. Dot com. CSN Washington dot com.