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Beal helps lift Wizards over the Raptors in his return



CSN Washington dot com. The last five games rookie Bradley -- had to sit and watch is basketball team compete now while he admits that he learns when he's watching. He'd rather be out there on the floor Sunday against Toronto he did just that coming off the bench scoring a game high 24 points. Six threes which ties a career high. It was amazing it was extraordinary shooting tonight. That's indicative -- who does that some bread does for him coming get that rhythm early was. It was great to see without -- -- confidence. Very important for us to me especially for a team because we want -- -- a good note and make a run from diocese of mean we want us as a team wanted to ever going to make sure with -- were the right. Months there's no right goals and in the way of attention to social source Carew lecture so I mean there's stretches from the odds are going to be. Just be healthy overall and I was aggressive forcing him to be healthy and no interest tonight. And he wants to get back. That's a good side I mean we get ten games left. Hybrid and a long enough forcing guys say they don't wanna come back to its important. A nineteen year old to get as many games under your belt as you can -- for sure. Bill support of a bench mob that outscored the Raptors 62 to 25. Randy Wittman was concerned about the energy level coming into this game Sarah -- deal or reason Singleton vastly -- Collins change that perception. Sometimes -- -- great -- of tells us started a great job so this is great -- -- for our attention -- sort of do a great job we've Rivera took to be when both teams going -- A lot of points in tonight though having Brad come -- to -- is gonna. Where he's done a good job of giving everybody Keating did a great job -- Where we've got a big game forced. The last time the Wizards won this many games at home was back in December of 2006. To January of 2007. When they won ten straight. It was a -- she has to extend their current home winning streak to eight the Chicago Bulls come to town Tuesday night. At the Verizon Center Chris Miller CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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