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Can anything derail the Nationals?



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Tue, 2 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com if the nationals Mike Rizzo has talked about for years about this. Bloop for a she wanted to put in place for this team. And it was difficult being patient but now we're seeing the fruits of that labor. Is this something that. Other teams may try and -- Catalan because the nationals aren't just built to win this year. They're built to win long term yeah absolutely and you know for a long time the Atlanta Braves are one of the model organizations and teams wanted to be. Like them now you're starting to hear people talk about we wanna be like the nationals in Houston Astros specifically have to mention them as a possible blueprint. It's about to drafting well. Developing from within and having a long term vision like you said this team isn't just built to win this year they've got 34 maybe in five year window now where they should be among the best baseball. Stephen Strasburg was -- on opening day eighty pitches seven innings scattering three hits throughout. And yet. Everyone's focusing on the fact that he didn't go to the eight to the ninth inning in the nationals are supposed to turn them loose. The truth of the matter is they're just gonna treat him like any other pitcher now. Yeah exactly this wasn't the case of they shut down Strasburg after seven innings yesterday they would have done that with any pitcher -- early in the season it's all about building them up. Over the course of six months and he he wants keep these guys fresh. Look at these days that efficient eighty pitches in seven innings. He's gonna get to go eight and nine innings here before it's all said and done just hoping that you don't want it. The national and they are favored to win the World Series and there are some streaks on this team from the starting rotation the bull then. To the line if you could go on and on and and the young stars of veterans. What are few things that could derail them in their attempt. To get to the World Series well they really are built to withstand a lot of injuries or problems I mean they have. Depth as far as -- lineup is concerned they have depth if somebody in the bullpen gets hurt the one area. That is a cause for concern is the rotation you know laughter they had John -- waiting -- -- case something happens. -- they don't happen that don't have a real established number six starter. They need those five guys to say hell -- It's unlikely that Auburn stay healthy -- season -- could go down at some point but they have to hope that nobody goes down with a significant injury because that is where did you have a lack of depth. And that's insider CSN Washington dot com mark circle and mark -- time. CSN Washington dot com.

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