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Gonzalez overcomes headache for strong game



CSN Washington dot com. Two nights after Stephen Strasburg set the bar very high with seven scoreless innings on opening day. You Gonzales went out and nearly duplicated the feat. Tossing six shutout innings against the Marlins all this despite the fact that he had to deal with something he'd never had before a massive head. They started from the bullpen and and ended up being right off the first batter and I'm just working my way through there I was just trying to stay focused than us but he had will take over and to resist the pressure the ball game you know -- -- He made pitches when he had to and -- a lot of pitches one inning but -- that he was. You know good. The -- didn't seem to affect Gonzales at the plate either he led off the bottom of the fifth inning by crushing. A first pitch curve ball from Kevin Slowey into the left field bleachers for his second career homer. Charles look at things I don't want guys getting the wrong idea is not a could have let you know -- just one of those things. It's trying to get in there let the rest of the guys there's been about us going get on base to -- -- but I didn't expect that there is systemic. Beat your game over or go deep a tradition and I'm sure. Just get up there. More so than any other pitchers and staff has it and particularly enjoyable to watch him do that. Go around bases at all. As it is I don't know members are talking about coming here about the next two weeks off. We'll say he's he's fired up. And on some pictures when you can you can tell you shocked. Now I'm not sure that religious offense so pretty -- into the wind to get them pretty good. Anytime a pitcher getting that period where we're all fired up to Israel's likely hit deep down that's. -- -- unity awful on Ellis. Pretty awesome the downside now that you're going to be here and about this from him for a long time I hope so hopefully it's an owning talked earlier about it heard it. With three scoreless innings of relief from Ryan Matthews drew store and and Rafael Soriano. The nationals closed out their second consecutive shutout victory throwing the thirteenth team in Major League history to do that. To start a season so the pressure. Is now on Jordan's determined to do the same thing in Thursday afternoon series finale. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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