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Adam Oates talks about his late-game lineups



CSN Washington dot com. All that actually made eagle there vertical. Skill and they go out and do. It was okay now. You're he's out there. -- You know is just part of football in his game. Like everybody. You know if you look the last two nights. I Perry's line out there with a minute and a half left Rivera slams out there and and -- back is up and I was in -- comes in the backfield just the way to. Fatigue level was on the stretch there that has kept rolling and you know what they're coach is doing getting called timeout. So I didn't either you know does that put fresh troops so. Win when he's down there late in games that something. -- -- You know use captain. And -- see as their captain every. Every -- put out there you know you're got a responsibility to the game. And you want make players grow and you know in a sense to -- players and wanna be there -- ultimate compliment is when it goes with shoulder blade again. Yeah. He's OK to go or shut there. Is walking it off and we're okay. CSN Washington dot com.


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