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CSN Washington dot com -- -- -- the head coach of the Maryland Terrapins Brady at so and in his own version of Friday Night Lights. We'll take their red and -- in the spring game. Not adverse seeing him on Friday night. Before we get to that you have taken your team to a couple of different high schools. Recently. Why do that and it more. And what did you get out of it well we did it for two reasons number one -- -- we want to help grow our brand in terms of what we're doing and and get out in the community and different areas of the staged and just to show people that we appreciate them and also to. Get them to say okay we can regular coming thus let's go out CM. The other thing as I did it force because of were -- young team and and so what I wanna do is get our guys out of their comfort zone. And get them to get out and scrimmage at different places so we get into the fall. They're gonna be used to going on the road and you know when you go on the road you got to be ready to go so it's been a great experience going to -- Dunbar high school Baltimore. And then out to a Middletown high school in Frederick -- and the kids really did a great job than we appreciate everybody who came out to see us. You know and a college football fans across the country may not understand what goes on between spring and fall you got the spring game was a head coach look for. In the spring game. Well what I look for in the spring game is to make sure to see whose common. Who's gotten better and and see how we can operate from the standpoint of efficiency. And because we're gonna go our first offense against our first defense. You know second offense against the second defense so really it's a combination of the fourteen prior practices. To see now how far guys have come and then also to be able to sit down and say okay who are the guys that we can. Count on. In the fall or do we have to look at the freshman a little bit harder at certain positions so really those are the things that we're looking for enough for me it's great because. -- we play for steak and lobster or beans and franks but I'm on the winning field. Regardless because I think that at pebble when targets they often wondered -- steak and lobster or lose get the -- and frank you really enforcement all we do we're gonna have dinner on Sunday night and the idea yeah rocket but it's competitive I would say so because you want reasonable -- a better coach -- a. Two while he's he -- specific positions quarterback obviously last year guys are decimated when it -- came injury. This year what are we looking at the spring game. Well first of all I'm very disappointed. Because I've come to know that. You were quarterback. You know college and with all the problems we had last year you ever called me again and say hey Randy I want one more chance yeah. To play but someone put a -- you ha I look at what a -- tolerate what we're looking at me going into the spring game we got Ricardo young and we got down. -- Bailey who are going to be out there force are going to be yellow jerseys so they can't get hit and you can't afford to lose anybody but. The thing is CJ you know will be our starter come the fall. And then you're gonna have. Ricardo Caleb and Perry all their working and to see how we can go. -- that CJ has been out. The last two and a half weeks. Thrown -- -- seven on seven and you can see him get more and more comfortable. With. The injury where he's driving the ball off of this is a back foot and get things done so he'll get more work this week. Caleb -- been involved with individual drills and now he's got to be able to get involved with one on ones this week. And then also Perry is just getting back out running in what they're all gonna be healthy ready to go by all this. If you could guarantee -- -- a yellow Jersey during the games that might have actually met come on here about you from year one to three. If you have. I'll be changed your approach with this with the team this program. Well the one thing is that the biggest differences -- is the fact that everybody really understands. What the program is all about what the expectations. Are this has been a smooth this off season. It's been a smooth this winter conditioning it's been smooth this spring. That we've had him you know since I've been here have the camaraderie. That together and us. In the locker room is outstanding you know guys work very very hard we have tremendous. You know competition. And guys pushing each other and doing the things that the coaches are asking them to do so. We really haven't changed. The approach as to what we want done and how we practice and how we go about things. It's just that the players really understand. What the level of expectation is and what they have to do to make sure that they're doing the right things so they can Garner the playing time. And fall you one last thing and this has changed you got the red white game the spring game we're gonna broadcast that you've agreed to that. What are you think and by the way because I'm gonna call clutter up well against Shawn Springs in the -- rob -- on the field. You must talk to the assisting coaches you're gonna join us in the Booth cameras in the locker room you understand that -- 72 delay. But -- I understand could play I I think it's great I mean I'm just glad that. You know Comcast sports -- is is doing this and -- again what we wanna do is we wanna bring our program. To the fans and let them get really an inside look as to what goes on. With inside a football program and what better way to do that then to have. The expertise. That you bring the ball to the table and it should do that then and get more looks it'll be fun war it's going to be enjoyable because again we got a lot of great kids. Unique stories and again in the spring these are things that. That you wanna do and Mike -- our our kids are excited about the fact that it's going to be on Friday night it's going to be televised you guys are doing -- so. You know I might have to put the announcers on -- team and you guys can come and join us for their steak and lobster or Franco -- on now that's not a bad idea that's what we choose that source now. Head coach really gets a thanks your time to foresee on Friday night thank you appreciate it -- -- CSN Washington dot com.



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